Counter Strike vs. Rainbow 6

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by JoseEduardo, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. JoseEduardo

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    Jan 24, 2002
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    Ok guys, which one do you think is better?
    Odds and cons? I got Counter Strike last week and so far I like it, but the graphics seem like PS2 graphics, I think on Xbox it should look better. I'm wondering if I should still give it a shot or exchange it for Rainbow 6?
  2. Leo_P

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    May 13, 2002
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    On other forums, this would probably denigrate into a flame war, hopefully we'll be a little more civilized here.
    Anyway, since I own both games, here goes...
    First off, CS and RB6 3 are two TOTALLY different games. I think the only reason people speak of 'em in the same breath is because they're FPS' and were released within weeks of one another. CS is more about "runnin' & gunnin'" like Soldier of Fortune 2 or Wolfenstein, while RB6 3 is more "tactical" like Ghost Recon. Deciding which one is the "better" game, really depends on your style of play.
    Personally, I'm a RB6 3 kinda guy. I wasn't really into G.R. but I LOVE this game. It's just the right mix of tactics without being as slow-paced as G.R. sometimes gets. The single-player campaign is pretty good, but this game really shines on XBL. The graphics are great, some of the best on a Live title that I've seen. IMHO, it is, to date, THE best game on Xbox Live.
    Then we have CS. First off, the game looks like crap. No two ways about it, sorry. The off-line single player absolutely BLOWS (but you probably already know that). The game play reminds me a lot of SOF2 (a game I hate, BTW) and that's not a good thing. And don't think it's because I don't like fast-paced FPS', 'cause I loved playing Wolfenstein in it's heyday. But CS, to me, isn't even as fun as Wolf. I'll put it to you this way: I play RB6 3 ALL the time and I've only played CS MAYBE a couple of hours. But that's my $.02.
    Bottom line is that you're going to have to get your hands on a copy of RB6 3 and decide for yourself which one you like.
  3. DwightK

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    Sep 12, 2000
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    CS for the xbox is plain and simply CS for the xbox. If you played it on the PC, and loved it for what it was, you will probably love it more on the box as you get DD5.1, big TV, easy chair seating, and voice and no cheats.

    I am having trouble playing anything else at the moment.

    I will say that the single player mode is useless. I tried one or 2 rounds for the heck of it and forgot about it. All about online. Played on a server with a top 100 ranked person last night and it was impressive to learn why he was so good. And why I'm ranked 5000ish:b

    If you haven't ever played CS before it is all about working as a team in very fast action sequences that require timing, skill, and tactics. Very little benefit in suicide rushes unless you have to go to the bathroom while the rest of the round plays out and you are dead early. If your side does not work together, you get cremated thus the need for voice comms.

    Very quick to get into, very difficult to master, very easy to play for a few minutes when you get the chance. No necessary gaming committment time required.

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