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Could you tell me if I'm on track with the future of my ht? (1 Viewer)

james e m

Second Unit
Jun 3, 2001
I plan on putting together a Paradigm 7.1 speaker system that hopefully I will be able to use for about 10 years (crazy huh?). I plan on buying this system in pieces. First I'll buy the surrounds and the center because they are the cheapest. I'm making a couple of assumption please tell me if I am on track. Thanks!
1. That these speakers will perform well for 10 years. I know it's possible I will have to add speakers if a new format demands it, but I want these speakers to last.
2. My surrounds should be direct radiating. This is only because I have no idea what my next home will look like. I plan on buying my first home in the next couple years so needless to say I won't know where I would be able to place my speakers. And since I am buying the surrounds first I plan on getting direct radiating over dipoles.
3. I am planning on buying an amp that has around a 120 watts output per channel (I don't know exactly because I plan on buying the receiver last). So that would mean that I couldn't use the Paradigm Mini Monitors as surrounds, Paradigm says they can only handle up to 100 watts. This means I would at least have to go with the Monitor 3's.
This would be the probable set up:
Monitor 11 x 2
CC-370 x 1
Monitor 3 x 4
PW-2200 (or maybe the Servo 15)
I will probably use an Onkyo or Denon receiver.
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Marty M

Senior HTF Member
Dec 6, 1998
I have owned Paradigm speakers for over 5 years and am a huge fan of their speakers. I have the Monitor 7's and plan to keep for quite a while. I think you should be able to use Mini-Monitors for surrounds even with 120 watts per channel.

Chad Isaacs

Supporting Actor
Feb 20, 2000
MIni monitors should be fine.I really like Onkyo too..sounds like you are thinking pretty well.


Stunt Coordinator
Nov 9, 1999
Speakers are the most stable component in a HT, IMHO. The speakers will be fine 10 years from now, provided you don't get the dreaded upgrade-itis maximus. :)
I've got a rather old pair of Boston Acoustic T830s that I still consider excellent, and better than some of the mid-fi stuff out there.


Jan 20, 2001
In the case of your wattage goes, no matter that your speakers can handle 100 watts or not it's better to have more power on your amplifier than what your speakers can handle because that means you have less chance of blowing them due to lack of distortion. It's not the high power that kills most speakers, it's distortion caused by insufficient power from the amp. Besides, you will never play 100 watts of music or movies any unless you are just into pushing your unit to the limit or some other crazy reason. Most of the time you won't even use 1/2 of that power number anyway. In the case of your receiver, do you have a receiver that you could use too listen to your center and surrounds before your warranties run out on them? Home trial is the best way to tell if a speaker is for you, did you hear these speakers in your home already? You said you wanted to keep your speakers for 10 years! That's a long time to stay married to a pair of speakers that you may not have had a chance to get to hear extensively. The worst is that you finally move in to that new house of yours and find that your speakers are not up to the task that you had originally planned for them.
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Dustin B

Senior HTF Member
Mar 10, 2001
For the watt thing think of it this way. Paradigm's site is down so I can't look it up, but I'll guess that the MiniMonitors have a sensitivity of 91 dB/W/m. This means that when you apply 1 watt of power to the speaker and are 1 meter away from it you will hear 91 dB. With every doubling of power you will see a 3 dB increase in the out put of the speaker at one meter. So at 2 watts you get 94db, 4 watts is 97dB, 8 watts is 100 dB, 16 watts is 103 dB and 128 watts is 110 dB. Now this is at 1 meter from the speaker so it will be a fair bit less from your listening position but still, 60-100 watts of power will go very loud. Also remember that manufactures play games with the watt rating of their amps. If the rating isn't for all channels driven from 20-20000hz its a save bet the actual power output of the reciever is a lot less than stated. Although with Onkyo (except for the latest batch which has caused some argueing on this site) and Denon you usually don't have to worry about it.


Second Unit
Jul 31, 2000
Paradigm rates the power handling of their speakers conservatively. I have a pair of Titans running with my Denon 3300 - 105 watts per channel - and they just sing!
I agree totally with the above poster who says that underpowering a speaker is much worse than having more than ample power.
Don't worry a bit about a 120w/channel amp with the Mini's, providing they are good clean watts.
Like comparing the Sony low-end DE line of 110 watts, to the 110 watts of the ES line. Same power rating, much, much cleaner sound sent to the speaker with the ES line.
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John Garcia

Senior HTF Member
Jun 24, 1999
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Those were the same receivers I was looking to choose from recently, as well as the Marantz SR6200, and I ended up going with the Marantz.
I am running 105W also, to my Titans (4) and a CC-170, via a Marantz SR6200. I am extremely pleased with the sound, and I am impressed at the power handling of these speakers. I listened to the CC-370 and a pair of minis, and I was even more impressed with them. I may switch to this setup up front, and leave a pair of Titans in the rear.
I also have a third pair of Titans in my bedroom fed by a 100w Sony STRDE475...
For amplification, I would have to recommend listening to Marantz also, though there is nothing wrong with Onkyo or Denon.
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