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    Could Canada only tv releases be a way of studios getting the best of both worlds? They can release shows on dvd in Canada(that can still be played in the US). And they still can have the shows in syndication here without having to reduce the price to syndicators because it won't have any US home video/dvd releases. Or the Canada only releases can be a way of the studios gauging the demand for a certain title. For example "Smallville". It was the first 2 episodes put together as a movie. If it sells well, they can release more or release it in the States. If it doesn't it won't cost as much as it would have if a full release was done at the beginning.
    Now, I have heard people say that it in Canada their are different owners of the distribution rights that can do what they want with regards to releasing shows or movies. But, you cannot tell me that if a studio didn't want a movie released it wouldn't be able to stop it?
    I am hoping that with announcement of a load of tv shows in the US and also with Canada. We can see a new age of tv shows available to the public.
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    If that's so, tell me where I can buy some Canadian-only DVDs.
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    Go to and look up the show you want. If a Canadian release is available, it will have a link to either VideoFlicks or to Amazon-Canada and you can buy it through that link. Easy enough, eh?
    Thanks for the insight, Todd. AND for your Smallville post. Veddy veddy interesting stuff!!! [​IMG]

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