Costs of getting a TV Calibrated

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    I am looking to get my new Toshiba 56H80 professionally calibrated. I wanted to know what should I view as a good price for someone to do this? Is there anything I should know to tell them to do while they are there or will the basic calibration be just fine? Thanks in advance.
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    A point to remember. There are essentially two types of calibrations floating out there.
    The "Basic" = Oil Change
    The "Full Meal Deal" = Major Tune up
    Oil Changes only get you a grayscale calibration and little else. (Plus some basics with the AVIA or VE disc) Expect to pay $250 for an RPTV. Some may tack on travel charges so the price goes to $300 to $350.
    Major Tune Ups get you a whole list of things most of which are discussed at the Keohihdtv site under the ISF section. For this type of work, expect to pay from $400 to $700 or even more depending on what you want done. (+ Travel) Not all Tune Ups are the same ... some offer this, but not that and so forth.
    And then there are some others out there that charge Tune Up prices but only give Oil Change service.
    Study the items at the Keohi site and they will give you a great heads up on what things to look for.
    Michael @ The Laser Video Experience

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