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Craig Chatterton

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Apr 18, 1999
I had a Logitech Mouseman granite mouse for nearly five years now. It's been with me from my early 486 to my current box, a PII-400 (nearly ready for another upgrade). Finally the mouse started showing its age; the left button wouldn't work all the time.
So I went to Best Buy and upgraded to the newest Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse. These things are cool! No more cord, no more mouse pad! And placing the receiver wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Basically put it anywhere near the mouse and the thing works. We tested the range by moving the mouse around on my arm as I walked away from the computer. It finally stopped responding 20 feet away. The receiver is underneath my desk on the PC, so I imagine the mouse would work even farther away if the receiver was placed better. The only thing I'm worried about now is how long the batteries last (it uses two AA's).
BTW - Microsoft has one too and when I tested it at Best Buy, I had to agree that it was much more comfortable compared to the Logitech. But it's also $20 dollars more (well... $10 dollars more if you count the instant rebate) and I haven't had good experience with Microsoft hardware products (returned two of their joysticks after they stopped working, finally bought a Logitech).
Anyway, thought I'd gush. :)
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Kimmo Jaskari

Feb 27, 2000
I prefer corded USB mice nowadays. Lighter and never run out of batteries. :) Optical tech is cool though - and works better with a mousemat though, one with a pattern on it. :)

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