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3D Blu-ray Review Coraline Blu-Ray 3D: THE HTF 3D ADDICT REVIEW

Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Ronald Epstein, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Ronald Epstein

    Ronald Epstein Founder

    Jul 3, 1997
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    Ronald Epstein
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    What can I say?  I love 3D!  From the moment I began watching 3D content in my home I quickly discovered that I needed more content.  I suspect that those of you just purchasing your first 3D hardware will acquire the same ferocious appetite.  That's why I became the HTF 3D ADDICT.  I personally love images that pop off the screen and come inches away from your face without becoming overly gimmicky.  However, I certainly appreciate the nature documentaries that offer beautiful depth and separation.  These are not necessarily reviews of the film themselves.  I am not going to concentrate on story or supplements -- you can find the 2D reviews elsewhere on this forum.  My job is to let you know exactly what kind of 3D experience to expect from the titles that are being released.   As I will be receiving a handful of new product from the studios expect to see more title coverage.









    Studio: Universal

    Product Release: January 4, 2011

    Ratio: 1.85:1

    Audio: DTS-HD MA 5.1, English; French & Spanish DTS 5.1

    Running Time: 101 Minutes

    Rating: PG



    ON A SCALE 0-5

    Overall 3D Presentation Rating: 5

    3D Separation: 5

    3D In Yo' Face Factor: 4



    I continue to lash out at the naysayers who still

    feel that there's nothing to benefit from 3D in the 

    home.  Perhaps they would think differently if just

    having watched Universal's Blu-ray release of Coraline,

    whose 3D presentation clearly solidifies the worth

    of this format.


    Henry Selick may not be a household name but he

    is the director of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before

    Christmas.  Mr. Selick, 16 years later, is responsible

    for writing and directing Coraline, a film that in many

    respects surpasses Tim Burton's classic with an

    outstanding screenplay and the enhancement of 3D.


    ...and I am really kicking myself here.  I regret that

    I never had the opportunity to see this film theatrically

    or during its initial Blu-ray release.  Possibly that turned

    out to be a good thing as watching this remarkable film

    unfold before me in glorious 3D has been nothing short

    of a wonderful, stunning experience.




    The story is about Coraline Jones (voiced by Dakota

    Fanning), a highly imaginative young girl who has

    just moved to a new apartment located within a large,

    old creepy house.  Coraline's world is lonely.  Her Mother

    and Father (voiced by Teri Hatcher and John Hodgman)

    are too busy to spend time with her.  The only person

    she remotely considers herself close to is a hunchbacked boy

    named Wyborn (voiced by Robert Bailey, Jr.) who is

    more nuisance than friend.




    Upon entering a small hidden door within her home, 

    Coraline enters a parallel world where all the things

    that were wrong become right.  Suddenly she finds

    herself with her "other Mother and Father" who shower

    her with love and attention.  However, she soon finds

    that this new world of hers is anything but perfect. 


    Coraline is an entangled story with characters that

    evoke a great range of emotions. As I sat and watched

    this film I couldn't help but be in awe of the complexity 

    of the story.  What kind of mind thinks up this kind of

    stuff?  What has been created here is no doubt going

    to become a classic, timeless tale.




    The 3D Blu-ray presentation is something soon not

    forgotten.  Where image quality is at its most importance

    this 1080p transfer does not disappoint with its razor 

    sharpness.  Don't be put off by the muted colors within

    Coraline's drab world.  Once she enters her parallel

    universe it's as if someone switched on the light switch

    and suddenly the entire screen fills with beautiful neon-like

    coloration.  Black levels here are excellent adding nice

    texture to the picture.


    There's an astonishing level of depth that provides a

    constant WOW 3D experience.  The film was specifically

    choreographed for 3D with all its elements strategically

    placed within the landscape to give a dazzling and

    impressive visual presentation from start to finish.

    There were just too many moments that I sat in my

    viewing seat thinking how superb the 3D looks.


    There are quite a few "In Yo face moments" that are

    finely executed including one very impressive moment

    at the very beginning of the film involving a needle and

    thread --- but that's just beginning --- as there are many

    moments where objects such as fingers or buzzing

    dragonflies seemingly leap off the screen and hover

    inches from the viewer.  


    It's unfortunate that this near perfect presentation is

    marred by ghosting that at first is very limited to sequences

    where Caroline is crossing through the tunnel.  However,

    I found that in the film's final 30 minutes there was a more

    constant presence of double imaging in part due to the

    limited amount of lighting used.  I am not going to let this

    issue ruin the overall score I will give it because I am well

    aware that ghosting issues will vary with different brands

    of hardware.




    The DTS-MA 5.1 soundtrack is superb.  I found most of

    the sound emphasized through the front soundstage with

    dialogue that comes across very clear without being

    overshadowed by the film's dreamy, eerie musical score

    courtesy of composer Bruno Coulais.  Sound levels are

    so perfectly matched that the smallest nuances of effect

    noise are pronounced ever so clearly.  The rears provide

    a nice amount of ambient effect noise including wind,

    thunder, rain and various creaking noises.


    The disc comes with an assortment of bonus features

    that include a feature commentary, making of featurettes

    and deleted scenes.



  2. Matt Hough

    Matt Hough Director

    Apr 24, 2006
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    Charlotte, NC
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    Matt Hough
    As I mentioned in another thread, the anaglyph 3D Coraline on Blu-ray worked beautifully for that old process, so I'm not surprised this garnered such a high score. Glad you enjoyed it, Ron.
  3. tbaio

    tbaio Stunt Coordinator

    Dec 21, 2010
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    Other reviewers have commented evenly with you about both the quality of the movie & 3-D presentation, Ronald. It was a thoroughly enjoyable film in the theater & I'm glad to see its been transfered over to the new home 3-D format. I'm looking forward again to comparing notes with you.
  4. Matt Hough

    Matt Hough Director

    Apr 24, 2006
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    Charlotte, NC
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    Matt Hough
    Finally got a chance to see the genuine 3D version of Coraline, and I was very impressed with the transfer. The amount of depth in the image was for me its single most impressive feature. I guess it's so vast because as a stop motion animated feature, it truly inhabits three dimensions during its production making it more like a live action feature than an animated one. I only had a few very random, very minor issues with ghosting, and sharpness was just superb.

    The sound featured some notable (if infrequent) split effects, but other animated films seem to pump more surround bang for the buck out of their films than this one did. Still, it's an effective soundtrack.
  5. Phoebus

    Phoebus Stunt Coordinator

    Dec 28, 2010
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    Tom Walker
    Watched this last night. Coraline 3D blu ray was (finally) released in the UK this week. I think it may have been linked to an exclusive TV deal prior to this.

    Have to say I've never seen it looking so good! A few years ago, in the cinema, it seemed all video-ish and flickery, but that's probably saying more about the 3D digital cinema projection of 3 years ago than the movie itself. This time round it was very pleasant to watch, solid and full of tiny details that only repeat viewings would uncover.

    No sense of ghosting when projected.

    So, after feeling somewhat ambivalent towards the movie for many years, I've been won round by this presentation. It now seems one of the most substantial 3D films in my bluray collection - more than just popcorn fluff or IMAX-doc. One of the few "great" 3D movies of the 21st Century batch.

    This is quite a shift in opinion for me, as I thought I already knew the piece well. Too often a presentation niggle gets translated onto the quality of the movie itself, which is probably why so many of the bluray restorations of older titles can prove so revelatory in terms of quality and artistry. I have high hopes for the opportunity to check out 50s 3D on bluray.


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