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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by john marine, Apr 7, 2005.

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    Does anyone know of a DVD recorder available to the public for purchase that will easily convert my 8mm homevideo to DVD and create the menu/chapters at the beginning .... the ones you typically get when you PAY someone to convert your video to DVD....?

    The info on the Sony DVdirect implies that it only "moves" the data from tape to DVD..and does nothing else.

    I'd like to purchase a solution that would create the chapter images in front...(the ability to print those to include as a CD cover would be a nice bonus)

    If anyone has any knowledge/thoughts I'd be most grateful and thanks!

  2. Joseph DeMartino

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    Joseph DeMartino
    I don't know much about stand-alone DVD burners, but it sounds like your best bet would a computer-based solution. I have an external analog-to-digital a/v convertor and a couple of different software packages that I've used for exactly the kind of thing you're talking about. Pinnacle DVD studio is the hardware/software solution I first picked up. I later received Sonic MY DVD Studio with an external DVD burner I added to my laptop, and Nero with an internal drive that I put in my desktop. All three programs will do motion menus with music backgrounds and come with tamplates for events like weddings, birthday parties and holidays, wipes, fades, dissolves and other transitions. I doubt there's a stand-alone solution that comes close to the versatility of a computer editing/authoring system, and none that are as expandable. And you can get started for well under $300 if you know where to shop, which isn't much more than some CE DVD recorders.



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