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    I have several video tapes that I would like to have converted from NTSE to PAL to send to family in Germany. They are family events like our reunion and birthday parties, nothing copyrighted or illegial.
    Does anyone know of a good company that can do this at a reasonable price. Everything I have found online is very expensive.
    Is there a software package that would let me capture and burn to CD, that might be cheaper that the tapes.
    Paul Sellers
  2. Michael Dueppen

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    Sep 19, 2000
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    There might be an easier way. Actually most decent VCRs here can play NTSC tapes and almost every TV can output NTSC (or at least PAL60 which is enough).
    So your relatives might wanna check their manuals first.
    Regarding the capturing thing: quite a few normal (consumer class) video cards have TVin. They grab a kind of realtime MPeg2. This would be really easy to do if you or a friend of yours have a card with VideoIn.
    Hope this helps.
    - Michael
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