Converting 6.1 speaker configuration to 7.1? Can it be done properly?

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    I myself have heard a rear center channel ala 6.1, and I noticed that if I didn't turn my head around, I really couldn't figure out that the sound was coming directly behind me. It varied and was not consistent. I understand that rear surround speakers ala 7.1 are a better way to present a rear center channel. Here is my question:
    If you had a 6.1 receiver which had 6 amplifier channels, including the rear-center/back-surrounds, could you somehow use 2 speakers instead of the one speaker for the rear center?
    Here is how I would propose to do it;
    1)OK, first and most effective way would be to take the rear center or rear surround pre-out and connect it using a Y-cable to a stereo amp or a pair of mono amps and then connect your 2 speakers accordingly. This of course requires external amplification.
    2) Wire 2 speakers to the one channel. If you have 8 ohm speakers, you could try running parallel. If you had 6 or 4 ohm speakers, you could try running in series?
    Is # 2 a bad idea? Too risky depending on the receiver? Has anyone done either of the above?
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    I think #2 is okay if you have a reciever that could handle the load. Its how Id do it if I had a high-powered amp that is just 6 channels.
    If you go with #1 (which will probably be better), and get a 6 channel amp taht is pretty decent, Id just hook it up via #2.
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