Convergence issues in my new sony

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    I just got a sony kp-57wv700. Actually this is my second one. The first one they took back last week because the convergence was way off. On the left edge of the screen (only the far left) the green is VERY fuzzy and shines out and around the crosshairs when I go into the manual convergence mode (the same in all modes). I can adjust the red and the blue, but not the green. So they thought a new one would fix it, but I got this one in and it is doing the same thing? I have moved all my speakers to check for shielding issues, no luck. I went and compared the one they have on the showroom floor and it is perfect? I know you lose a little sharpness out on the edges but this is BAD. The techs at this local shop are supposedly Sony certified but they have been out twice now and don't know how to fix it. Just looking for some advice as to what is causing this and if it can be fixed.

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    Maybe you need to refocus the green gun. Don't know how this works for the Sony, but I'm sure it can be done, if that's the problem.


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