Controlling 3 JVC VCRs

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    I have three (3) JVC VCRs: HR-S9600U, S9400U and S2901. I just hooked up the last one and discovered that it causes havoc when pressing the power button of any one of them.

    Is it possible to coordinate the remote control settings for the JVC decks without purchasing a separate programmable device?

    Just curious. Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Not positive about the models you have, but the older decks had provisions for A and B control, that gives two separate control modes. The manual will show you how to accomplish this, if it’s available.

    To manage three decks, you could program two of them to A, and one deck to B. Then you could stack the B deck between the two A decks. When the remote is in B mode, that deck only will come on. With the remote in A mode, to turn on only the upper or lower A deck, you can aim the remote high, or low, so that it hits only the one you want to use.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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