Control toshiba 55l6200u over network (ethernet)

Discussion in 'Displays' started by StealthRT, Sep 12, 2012.

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    Hey all i know that there are many new TV's that allow commands over their Ethernet port in order to power on/off the TV, change channels, etc etc that a RS232 port would be able to do. However, i am unable to find out if the toshiba 55l6200u allows this? If their android app has the ability to do this then it must be able to do commands, right?
    Does anyone know the "official" name of doing commands over Ethernet for the TV's? I can not seem to find a lot of information doing a google search on it.
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    Hi David,
    Unfortunately, there is no industry standard for Ethernet based control at this time. Most of the solutions out there that utilize TCP/IP networking (Ethernet cable or wireless) are custom solutions that utilize IP to IR conversion. A few receiver and tv manufacturers are releasing control apps for their latest models, but they aren't inter-operable and are quite flaky when it comes to detecting the device on your network. One of the more popular products out there that works well and relies on IPtoIR conversion is iRule.

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