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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Doug MacGregor, Mar 15, 2004.

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    I am getting set to complete the installation of my parents' HTIB.
    The first attempt succeeded in running the wires, although hiding them along the walls was a major effort. They didn't want to tuck very well along the edge of the carpet but I did the best I could. The carpet is in a condo and can't be lifted.
    The speaker mounts I used for the Mains were BT-33's and wouldn't allow the speakers to be aimed directly forward. They just didn't extend out far enough. So I am buying a pair of BT-34's and will mount them head-high(when seated) on the side of the TV cabinet. It is not a very component-friendly cabinet but all attemps to convince buying a new one have failed. So the side mounts will have to do.
    The Surrounds are on stands also head-high although I can raise them to approx. 45 inches.

    1. Should I mount the Mains head-high even though the Centre speaker will be about 12 inches higher on top of the TV or should I mount them at the same level as the Centre?

    2. Should I raise the Surrounds to their maximum height for better imaging?


    The first test with Red October really impressed my parents. They have never even had stereo so this was a real eye (ear) opener to them. Glad I could do this for their 80th Birthdays.
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    In an **ideal** situation the three fronts are all the same height and the surrounds are roughly 3 feet above your head when sitting. But do what is practical, or what looks good in your room. Very, very few people have the ideal HT, and those that do most likely built it from scratch in a garage or unfinished part of their house.

    If it is practical to raise your speakers go for it. Otherwise, just enjoy what you've got.

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