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Contest: Win some Lionsgate Digital Copies, plus huge BF sale! (1 Viewer)

Adam Gregorich

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Nov 20, 1999
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See the bottom of this post for details on how you can win digital copies of these 16 action films! Black Friday is almost here and Lionsgate is getting a jump start on the holiday madness by offering over 100 of their digital catalog titles at up to 50% off!

Titles like:
The Twilight Saga
The Hunger Games series
Rambo Collector’s Set
Gods of Egypt
Brigid Jones Diary
Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas
Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain

And TV series like:
Little House on the Prairie: Season 1
Mad Men: Season 1
Manhattan: Season 1
Money and Violence: Season 1
Nurse Jackie: Season 1
Orange is the New Black: Season 1
Royals, The: Season 1
Weeds: Season 1

And more!

Look for the sale on services like iTunes, Amazon, VUDU, Google, Xbox and Playstation stores starting today. Build up your digital collection with this massive Black Friday sale from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

To help celebrate, we are giving away a selection of action films on Ultraviolet:
The Bank Job
Escape Plan
The Expendables 3
From Paris With Love
The Last Stand
A Most Wanted Man
Pulp Fiction
Rambo First Blood
Sin City
The Expendables
Gods of Egypt
I Am Wrath
The Last Witch Hunter

Contest runs through Friday December 2nd and is open to HTF members in the US and Canada ages 18 and over. Codes will be delivered via email or PM. To enter reply with a link to any Black Friday item that you are considering buying (or bought!) this season, it doesn't even have to be movie or home theater related, (keep it family friendly though!)
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Jan 24, 2010
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What the heck, here are some:

The Final Countdown


The Martian-extended version

Speaking of Mars, "Earth versus the Flying Saucers"

and, for all you music lovers, "A Night at the Opera"

That should be a good start !

Just noticed they have to be Black Friday items. My guess is, those aren't.

Neil Middlemiss

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I have been making up a list of things I've bought which includes 2 Amazon Dots, a bluetooth speaker (thanks Ron), and two Alexa enabled switches (which don't appear to work -- I'm trying to control my outside Christmas tree, but the Bluetooth signal doesn't get to the outside plug), a fitbit Blaze with a Milanese 3rd party band and a Dragonn zester/grater. Probably some other stuff too.

I didn't find any Amazon disks worth purchasing. I suppose that if I needed Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings, or other disks that most film fans should already have, I might have found a better Amazon selection. Somehow I missed the Legend of Tarzan 3D and had to settle with Target's 2D version for the same price.

My current dilemma is what to do about ST Beyond. I bought the Target version for 27.99 3D (with 10% discount for Sunday before Thanksgiving entertainment purchases) but later bought the Target 2D version (but with the Target exclusives) for 10. I'm leaning toward returning the 3D version and waiting for it to drop in price in about a year. I passed up 3Ds on Tarzan, Dory, Zootopia, Peanuts, Jupiter Ascending and the last two Divergent movies in favor of the 5 to 10 dollar 2D versions. I didn't see Jungle book on sale but notice that at Amazon.UK the 3D version is only 16#.

Anyhow my contest entry is


A bunch of the disks are 25, 50 and 75 % off. The list also contains full price disks as well. The sale started on Nov 16 and runs through Dec 6. There are probably 100 or more disks in their list. The "retail" price of most items is $30. Here is what I bought.

Twilight Time sale (on Through Dec 6 at screenarchives.com
*Sound and the Fury 5
Broadway Danny Rose 15
Born Yesterday 15
Birdman of Alcatraz 15
All The King's Men 15
A Midsummer Knight's Sex Comedy 15
Hombre 15
Inherit The Wind 15
Born Free 15
Drums Along the Mohawk 8
10 to Midnight 15
Swamp Water 8
Jane Eyre 8
Oliver! 8
Lost Horizon 8
Nicholas and Alexandra 8
Man in the Dark 3D (3D noir???) 15
Pal Joey 9
Sexy Beast 8
*Judgment at Nuremberg 15

NOTE all prices rounded up 5 cents.

I ended up paying about $13 in shipping charges (media mail). As you may know TT typically licenses movies from major studios which the majors don't think are economically viable. They get licenses for 3000 copies and when they are gone then they are gone. Among my purchases, The Sound and the Fury, and Judgment at Nuremberg are now sold out -- maybe more.

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