Consumer level receiver with more than 2 component inputs?

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    Hi all,
    Last week I picked up my first HDTV. The problem I have now is the same I had when I moved to S-Video years ago - not enough inputs on the receivers. I currently use a Pioneer VSX-608 which has NO comp. inputs.

    These are the inputs I need:

    HDTV Receiver
    Possible HTPC connection (not counting this one)

    That's 5. Five inputs. Most receivers I've seen have 2. No switch boxes with Component AND digital audio input. I currently use a Sony mechanical switch for the video and a RS digital audio switch for the optical, but it's very annoying and I can do a max of 4 with that.

    This is for the upstairs which means that unlike the downstairs, I can't put a Denon 5800 in there. I'm looking at the sub-$500 range.

    Any help on this?


  2. Scott Merryfield

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    I have seen receivers with three HD-compatible component video inputs, but not five. Also, at the $500 price point finding any receiver that does HD-compatible component video switching will be difficult.

    Does your TV have two component inputs? If so, why not use the mechanical switcher for the gaming devices and the receiver's switching for the other devices?
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    On the PS2 I can't tell a difference between s-vid and component, and since only one game I know of has progressive scan for ps2 (Tekken 4) I'd use s-video instead. Gamecube has Star wars rogue squadron in prog scan resident evil 0 might have prog scan, and maybe a few others. With Xbox it has DD I don't know if that means all games are in 5.1 just that they use DD compression for audio that doesn't guarantee 5.1 and has support for 1080i games but none that I've heard of so far. So I'd use Xbox maybe GC with component of course HDTV receiver and only use component for dvd if you have a prog scan player. they do make component switchers someone said they got one for 75, I've only seen one for 170 at it's supposed to be good. On a sidenote either you know or you don't, if you want to buy the component cable for GC you can only buy it from directly at their website i went to five different stores before I figured this out.
    Daniel Smith

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