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Dan Joy

Supporting Actor
Dec 8, 2001
I have also posted this in receivers and basic because several weeks ago I received little respone in basic alone.

I have a new DA5ES, JVC HIFI vcr, RCA satellite(S-vid and opt out),Tosh 2800 DVD player, Sony KV35V65 TV, and local programming from attic antenna.

I want to run everything through receiver. I have purchased two composite to s-video adapters from parts express for all to run s-video.

My concern is how to hook up sat, local, and vcr together. I want to record satellite onto vcr(see my hockey games).

Satelitte has ant in as does vcr and tv. I already have sat and dvd with s-vid to receiver and s-video from receiver to imput one one tv.

My Sony has 1 back s-vid, 1 front s-vid, and another set of composite in back.

The way I want to do it, do I need to use vcr to see local and will I get sat on channel 3 also(although i know it will be better on sat source from receiver)?

Please help because it will help me use DA5ES remote as opposed to my Sony AVR 2100 which I am getting tired of.

Oh yes, I will use both optical out on dvd and satellite to receiver.

Mike Matheson

Second Unit
Jul 15, 2000

Does your receiver offer a video monitor output? (I don't mean the primary video output, but rather a second video output--sometimes labelled "monitor", sometimes "tape", etc.)

Dan Joy

Supporting Actor
Dec 8, 2001
Not sure what you mean, I see no monitor or tape vidio out . I do have a video2 video out with s and composite.

Dave Koch

Stunt Coordinator
May 13, 1999

One thing you might want to be aware of (and anyone correct me if I am wrong!), but the type of video you put into a receiver is the type you will get out. At least this is true of my receiver.

That is, if you put video in (from an RCA connector), you can only get that video out via an RCA connector... it will NOT be converted to S-Video. If you take the S-Vid from SAT into the reciever, it will probably ONLY come out as S-Vid, and you may not get the RCA/COAX vid you need to feed the VCR. Also, my guess is your front S-Video is an IN, not an OUT.

I would put your Vid out of the Sat into the VCR, and that out into the receiver, and then the monitor out of the Reciever into the TV... that is what I do. Or, take the S-Vid out of SAT into Reciever, and an RCA/COAX out into VCR.... then the RCA/COAX out of VCR into Reciever... Then you would take the S-VID out of the Recciever (that would JUST be the SAT) and the RCA/COAX out (That would be the VCR, and Channel 3 SAT) and put both of those into the TV. My DVD S-Video goes straight from the player to the S-Vid on my TV.

Good Luck!


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