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    I am connecting Sony DVP-S7700 directly to a Sony wega 32 inch xbr. this is temporary set up until i purchase receiver/new speakers etc this summer.

    Should I connect using the S Video directly from DVD to TV or will I get a better picture using component video connections??? Any special recommendations on connectors I should use? Thanks all!!
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    Welcome to the HTF!

    Composite = OK - Good

    S-Video = Better/ Real Good

    Component = Even Better/Best

    Lots of different makes of Component cables are out there.

    My suggestion = buy 2 different brands (one cheaper - the other more expensive) and do a comparison while watching some DVD's. Keep whichever one you like the most / are happy with.

    I myself use Component Video cables from Acoustic Research.

    I have never tried any other brands - I may buy another brand of component cables soon to make sure just because I'm curious.

    Component cables can run you $20 on up - $200+

    Good luck!

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