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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Bo-Cephus, Mar 29, 2006.

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    My questions concern wiring my HT. From what I've understood, it's a good idea for max video/audio quality to minmize the number of connection between the A/V source and the output device (i.e., hook the video of a DVD player directly to the TV, rather than first to the receiver and then to the TV). I've heard there's less potential for signal degradation if done this way. If this true in general, or does it depend on the quality of the receiver? Also, if a audio source only has normal RCA outputs, do most receivers upconvert the sound to digital, or can the receiver only "do it's best" to try to replicate a digital effect? Thanks.
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    If you have enough inputs on your TV for your sources, unless you WANT to, there is no real reason to have the receiver in the video loop. As far as degradation goes, if it is just switching, most receivers are good enough at this these days.

    You are correct, without a digital input from the source, the receiver cannot "upconvert" to DD or DTS like true discrete surround. You would instead be using a DSP (PLII, PLIIx, DTS NEO6, Logic7, Circle Surround, etc...) to simulate surround, as you said, as best as it can.

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