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    okay here it is. i am new to this ht stuff and i have a slight problem. just bout new speakers ( mains) and have used surrounds. i also bought a brand new sony a/v receiver. the connections i am using are simple. i brought the coax cable from my sattelite dish to the sat. reciver and brought the actual basic cable line to sat. receiver also. i then go from my sat. reciever with a coax. to my vcr and then from vcr to tv with coax. now i use the audio out rca jacks on my tv to the a/v receiver audi in. now my problem is sattelite tv. is great, the sound is perfect, but when i play a vcr tape or basic local cable the sound is very poor.sounds like there is a lot of static and noise. could this be a bad coax. cable? video is graet there is no problem with the picture , just the sound.

    thanks for the help.
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    I'm not sure if it's a bad cable or not but I would try adding another set of RCAs to connect your VCR audio out to your receiver and then use that input while watching the VCR.

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