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John Besse

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Jun 22, 2000
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I just made the transition from High Def projector to 4k TV. I upgraded my receiver a little while ago to a Marantz SR6013 and just bought the LG 86UN8570PUC 86" 4k TV.

I've noticed the apps on the TV are a bit faster than my older Fire TV box and they look a lot cleaner than my PlayStation 4 in terms of picture quality. However, one thing I didn't think of was sound. I was seven years back in technology. And I noticed that I have to use the sound on my TV vs my A/V set up. So here's my question.

I read that Optical TosLink isn't the way to go any more due to lack of bandwidth and not transferring full lossless audio. I read that I need to use the Arc HDMI settings. Do I need two HDMI cables? One from my receiver to the TV and then a second one to reverse from the TV to an input on the receiver? When using the apps on the TV how exactly am I supposed to get lossless return audio for Vudu in UHD back to my Marantz receiver?


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Jun 20, 2000
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Most of your apps, if not all of them, will have regular old Dolby Digital audio, so the optical output would be fine. No streaming currently has lossless audio, but some of them might have DD quality Atmos, which the optical cable can't handle. That's where you need to use ARC, but you don't need a second hdmi cable for that. You need a compatible hdmi cable (your old ones probably aren't up to spec) and connect it from the ARC labeled output on the receiver to the ARC labeled input on the TV. That will pass the audio from the TV back to the receiver. Then the receiver has to be configured to use ARC, but I've never done that.

An option a lot of people choose is to use an external streaming device and connect it like a normal component. The TV's apps might be fine for now, but in time you might find it doesn't keep up as well as an external device.

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