connection and compatabiltiy of scaler to my rptv

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    I just received a Crystalimage VS 2.0 Video Scaler Controller from my uncle. I'm planning on hooking it up to my Mitsubishi RPTV WS-65907, this is the 65'' Diamond Series model from 2000. The scaler has a component inputs for the DVD player but its' outputs are 5 BNC ( blue, green, red, V, H/C).

    Do I connect the scaler to the RPTV using the VGA connection or the DTV connection which has the same blue, red, gree, V, H/C connection but RCA?
    I ask this question because I've seen a cable that has 5 BNC on the output and VGA on the input end. The only thing is that that the resolution labled on the VGA connection on the back of the RPTV is low, I think its 800x600 at 60hz.

    Also, the RPTV is only 480p and 1080i. The scaler outputs 540p, 720p, 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1366x768, 1280x1024, and 1360x1024. The Mitsubishi manual states that the compatible DTV signal are 480i, 480p, 1080i and that all other signals, such as 720p, need to be converted by the DTV receiver to one of the RPTV compatible signal types. Does this mean that I won't be able to use this Video scaler on my RPTV?

    My uncle has the same scaler on his RPTV, which is the same as mines but the 75", and it seems to work fine. He doesn't really now how its hooked up since somebody did it for him.

    Please enlighten me on these issues, and thanks for everyones help. Also if anyone has more info on this Scaler, please inform me more about it.
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    If your DVD player outputs 480p, you don't need the scaler, the exception being if you find the TV always converts to 1080i and you don't like the quality of that conversion.
    When the scaler outputs 640x480 (assuming 60 Hz) then it matches the TV 480p input. When the scaler outputs 540p then it matches the TV 1080i input.
    BUt there are two other complications:
    1. The scaler probably outputs RGB as opposed to component video. Check to see if there is also a component video selection on the scaler, either with a menu setting or a switch. Alternatively see if the TV has an RGB option, either with a menu selection or a switch. So long as they match, this problem is solved, otherwise you need a transcoder. During the time you are making this selection, menus will still be intelligible.
    2. The scaler outputs the video sync. using the fourth and fifth BNC jacks and cables. A TV with three RCA jacks for component video or RGB expects the sync commingled with the Y or G. See if the scaler has a sync on green option. If you find you need a transcoder for #1 above, look for one that also puts the sync on the green.
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