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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by chrisGA, Apr 26, 2006.

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    Folks, here is my issue. I'm looking to put a 2nd sub at the back of my HT. Any ideas where to get about 30' of rca cable for the run from my amp to my sub...and would there be a substantial loss over a run that long ?
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    If that's what you want, you could also get a cable with 'F' connectors and get 'F' to RCA adapters at each end. Lots of places to get 30 ft. cables - e.g. Blue Jeans and others. Length should be no big problem.
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    I echo what Phill said.

    I bought a 25' hunk of pre-terminated CATV coax from radio shack. Then I added 2 "F-to-RCA-Female" adaptors and that gave me a long RCA cable to run to my sub. Cost me all of $12 a few years ago.

    but - The "Sub Humans" (Tom and Ron of SVS Subwoofers) have often suggested NOT putting multiple subs around the room. They often interact in a complex pattern so it's normal in your seat, but the person sitting next to you gets the sound doubled, and the person on the other side gets the 2 sounds cancled out.

    They recommend putting the subs on top of each other or right next to each other. This way the 2 subs create the same sound waves in sync and give the room louder low-frequency without the interaction problem.

    Hope this helps.

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