Connecting HD Antenna and Cable

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Methos, May 6, 2007.

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    Yesterday I installed my HD Antenna. I have long avoided changing up to the cost of HD Satellite or cable.

    The HD signal is great and I get more channels than before, but I am missing about 3-5 channels I would like to have with my $14.50 per month cable connection.

    The research on diplexors was ambiguous at best. I want to combine the signals and run them to 3 sets in my house. What diplexor or splitter do I need / where to purchase?

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    Hi Methos;

    As far as I know, a diplexer will not work for you. They are only good for satellite installations. So if you had a satellite signal and wanted to combine it with your OTA [antenna] signal, you would be good to go.

    I am facing a similar problem. I have a single cable running into my house which is then distributed to 6 TV's. I need to combine the incoming cable and OTA signals so that my wife can watch basic cable channels and I can watch HD OTA channels in my HT at the same time. To date, I have not been able to find anything [other than an archiac A/B switch] that will accomodate this. Winegard is supposed to have a product called the Home Run that allows combining of cable and OTA antenna signals on the same wire, but I cannot find it on their site. I have a call into them for clarification.

    Let's keep each other posted on any news.

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    Diplexers combine (and split) signals of different frequencies onto a single coax. The problem is that cable and OTA both use the same frequencies. What you will need to do is block the OTA signals on your cable and then inject the OTA onto it. If you can find the appropriate signal blockers, every TV that you feed this signal to must have both an ATSC tuner and a QAM tuner to get all of the channels.


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