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    I've searched for the answer to this with no luck and thought I'd post it here since it pertains specifically to the "Yamaha Dvd-s2300/Onkyo Dv-sp800" info being discussed.

    I want to jump on board with SACD/DVD-Audio and have narrowed my choice to these 2 players. Right now I'm waiting for reviews on both of these before deciding. I am relatively new to the hobby so I still have many "technical" related questions.

    I certainly have a budget setup: Yamaha HTR-5140 receiver, Yamaha CD changer, and a Pioneer DV-525 DVD player. I am also interested in the above units because they would allow me to add DTS capability to my system (the 5140 has DD decoding and is DTS "ready"). My question pertains specifically to connecting the player to this receiver.

    1) On the back of this receiver, there are 6 channel inputs labeled "external decoder input". Is this where I would hook up the sacd/dvd-audio player? If so, does the receiver "influence" the sound or act simply as am amp passing signals from the source component out to the speakers?

    2) Would this work using the digital input? I'm under the assumption that when using a digital input, the signal is fed to the receiver, and the receiver does all of the decoding/ this correct?

    3) Are there any other considerations I should be aware of in this set-up?

    Bass management is not a big issue for me as I have full-range speakers all around + the sub.

    Thanks for your help everyone. All comments/tips are welcomed and appreciated.
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