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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by LilBro, Apr 2, 2007.

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    Okay, I admit it. I'm gretting old and forgetful. I had to tear down my AV setup so we could move the furniture out of the room for new carpeting. Well, when I went to reconnect everything, I forgot how to connect my Kenwood VR-509 receiver so I could run the audio through it. The set up is:

    DirecTV cable box
    Kenwood VR-509 receiver
    Kenwood turntable
    Kenwood 7 band Equalizer (for turntable)
    Panasonic DVD player
    Sharp VCR
    Radio Shack Dual Drive casette deck
    Toshiba 32" CRT

    The DirecTV has coax & S-video out, and RCA cable out. The Panny has toslink out and RCA cable out. The VCR has S-video and RCA cable out. The tape deck is RCA cable only. The TV has S-video and coax in with RCA cable for audio in/out. (You can also turn off the TV speakers, but I don't always like using the receiver for just TV watching.) I can get sound from the TV, but not through the receiver.

    I want to be able to switch between the VCR, DVD, and TV audio channels on the receiver. I was able to do that before. The remote switched between DVD, Video1 and Video3. What did I miss?

    Should I run the RCA from the sat box to the receiver first and then to the VCR? I have it going from the sat box to the VCR to the receiver.

    Thank you all.

    PS - If this is double posted, my apologies. I receive a vBulletin error on my first attempt.
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    Hmm... Despite the thread title “Connecting Direct TV to Receiver,” It looks like you’re trying to connect system?

    Connect the VCR’s red and white (audio) outputs to the receiver. Connect the DVD player’s digital output (either coaxial or optical) to the receiver. As far TV audio, see instructions for Direct TV, above.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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