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    Hi (first post)
    My projector BENQ PB6100
    My HT system Panasonic SC-HT720S

    The projector has component video through the VGA port and is hdtv compatible.
    The Panasonic has component video out includes 480p/480i.
    I bought a 6 inch vga to component adapter for the projector.
    I also bought a decent monster component cable (MV3CV-4M High Resolution)
    I was just wondering if this was a waste of money? Will the 6 inch adapter degrade any benefits from the monster cable.
    The guy at the store showed me the difference between the monster and a regular cable and it was quite substantial, but he had it connected direct DVD to TV. He said the 5 inch adapter would'nt affect it too much.
    Thanks in advance
  2. Brian Fellmeth

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    No way to know. But it is likely that the component with the breakout will outperform S video which is your next best option.

    It is also likely that the monster cable performs no better than any coax that meets 75 ohm specs. I'll bet that your demo in the store was against an audio grade RCA cable set.
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    Unfortunately both 6 inch adapters and 75 ohm cables do vary in quality and there is no way to find out except by taking the word of the packaging, the salesman, a friend, or a magazine article, or by using test equipment.

    If your projector has only a VGA jack for component or RGB input, you must use an adapter of some kind, either a long cable with VGA plug on one end, or that adapter.

    I am guessing that if you shop around for brand name including Radio Shack and Recoton cables (not unbranded cables from flea markets that sell cheap tools and blue tarpaulins) labeled "HDTV quality" (and also 75 ohm), you can make the final choice by price alone and you will have no problem with DVD.

    If you must use a cabling component of unknown quality, try to have it as short as possible, for example an unknown 6 inch adapter plus a Monster cable will probably be better than an unknown full length VGA to component cable.

    Video hints:

    Test patterns you can use yourself for A-B comparison:
    (1) The 200 TVL pattern on AVIA (Video Essentials doesn't go high enough)
    (2) Any grid pattern, check for ghosting of upright lines.

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