Connecting a subwoofer?

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    I recently purchased a DVD player and a 5.1 speaker set.
    The player has a built in decoder and has 6 RCA outputs.
    The set is composed of an amplified main unit that also works as a subwoofer, and 5 satellite speakers that connect to it. It has several stereo inputs (CD, TUNER, TV, AUX), plus a 5.1 one. Strangely, it has 6 RCA outputs: 5 for the speakers that came with the set plus one for a subwoofer. The set's manual say it is for THX system only(?).
    This was a very cheap solution and I am very happy with it. Nevertheless it lacks some bass power. Would it be possible to connect an active subwoofer directly to the DVD player? Or should I connect it to the set's main unit? If I do connect a sub to the main unit, should it be an active or a passive one?

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    Passive subs will almost certainly not have line level inputs (RCA), since they can only accept speaker level (wire).

    Since you are already using the analog outputs from the DVD player, there should be no reason why you couldn't hook an active sub directly to the DVD (theoretically, I've never tried it).
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    You can use a RCA Splitter on the main left-right chanels
    then send those RCA's to your remote sub amp as High Level input is really a "DIRTY" way to go. tryt to use right angle RCA adapters that have dual outputs, send one to your reciver the other to your sub amp and if you have gains on the sub amp you can adjust then to your needs. hope this helps, most recivers these day's have a sub out RCA, that is what i am using, it took a while to get my sub gain to match my recivers gain, yes more messing with the remote.

    hope this helps.

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