Connect component cable to A/V receiver or TV?

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  1. Dennis Thai

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    Dec 25, 2002
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    I own a Toshiba SD-4800, Sony STR-DA2ES A/V Receiver, and a Sony 57 inch HDTV-ready RPTV. I am contemplating if I should hook the component cable from my dvd player to the receiver then to the TV, or should I just hook up the DVD player straight to the TV? Would I be losing signal integrity if I connect to the receiver first then to TV? What do you guys recommend? I would think DVD player to TV would be best but if it doesn't really matter then I would like to get the receiver to be able to display on my TV too. Thanks.
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    The only reason to hook video to your receiver is if you have more sources than inputs and need the receiver for switching. Just go directly to the television. On my home theater cable television, DVD player and Gamecube are all directly hooked to the television.
  3. Andrew W

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    I have an almost identical set of components and go directly from the DVD player to the RPTV with component cables. Don't forget to flip the little switch on the back of the DVD player to get 480p out.
  4. Bob McElfresh

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    Dennis: I'd run Component video straight to the TV.

    AND I'd run SVideo from every device (including the DVD player) through the receiver, then 1 SVideo cable to the TV.

    The "Normal" mode would be to leave the TV looking at the SVideo feed from the receiver. The receiver will now do all the audio/video switching from 1 remote with 1 button press. This makes the system easy for the wife/kids to use.

    But for "Movie Night", take the extra step to flip the TV so see the direct-progressive feed from the DVD player.

    Dont forget that soon you will have:

    - Game box with progressive output (XBox)
    - HDTV decoder box

    This means you will have 3 HD devices to connect. Hit the receivers fourm for advice when you get close.

    Good luck.

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