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Confusion with rptv? (1 Viewer)

Ed O'Neill

Second Unit
Mar 20, 2003
Ok I am going in for a Bone-Marrow Transplant on Friday May 2 and I will basically be house-bound for a full year and no one except my wife, son, and nurse will be able to come in my house.

Let me start by saying buying an rptv has now driven my wife insane, because I have been so indecisive.

Having said that why can't RPTV manufacturer's be more like Pioneer Elite. If I could have afforded it I would have bought one.

I however like their approach:
These are our tvs these are the options, and these are the 3 sizes. Plain and simple.

Here was my experience
1. Started by asking a rptv tech he said not in this order Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Sony, Toshiba (top 4 models in my price range).
2. Narowed it down rather quickly. I had a toshiba it broke 3 times. They are out of the picture (pun intended), and Sony is just over-priced and from what I have read their tvs are living on their name not their quality.
3. So I am down to mits and hitahi.I do some research.
4. Now its time to pick size that was fairly easy the bigger the better (in my book).Besides, when was the last time you heard someone say "Damn I should have bought the smaller tv...LOL
5. Now its time pick the brand - I picked Mits.
6.Here is the fun part -NOT !- what model? Mits. only has 5 models in the 65" -LOL. All with small diffrences but decent price increases.

WS65311- Base model upgradeable hdtv ready. Price $2300
WS65411- same except the speakers are 1" bigger (In HT who uses the built in speakers anyways). The cabinet is a little diffrent.It has 2 IR reapeter jacks (what ever that/those are). Price $2600
WS65511- same tv as 311 and also has built in hd tuner,netcommand,and firewire. Price $3000
WS65611- same tv as the 511 but with a diffrent cab (same cab. as the 411). $3200?
WS65711- Same as 511 but with gold inputs and outputs. Didn't even ask the price.

Well I did it I bought a WS65311 !!!

Why you ask :
Becasue I don't need an HDTV tuner because it is a true "Home Theater" in the sense that 95-99.9% of the time I will be watching movies. Besides I have comcast and you have to use their box. As you can see from above the options for me were the 311 and the 411.Why spend the $300 extra.

Sorry I am so long winded I just needed to vent ....Thanks for listening /reading.

So do you guys agree that buying an rptv is a part-time job?

Thanks again
Ed O'Neill

P.S. are you guys still looking for a dvd reviewer I have plenty of time on my hands and definetly capable of writing.LOL

fred garvin

May 7, 2004
seems like you made a good choice, i have an older model Mitsu VS 50607 and am extremely happy with the performance. picture for regular tv and movies is top notch for a rptv. good luck with it, as well the procedure and the long recovery afterwards.

John S

Senior HTF Member
Nov 4, 2003
Not just an RPTV in particular... But the entire informed purchase of an HDTV is nearly insane in my opinion. Took me more than three months and I have no idea of how much leg work was involved.


Senior HTF Member
May 9, 2002
Real Name
Cameron Yee
I am a little disenchanted with RPTVs. I didn't have a horrible experience, but also having a projector, which I am using to project a RPTV-sized image (51") with the constraints of my room, I prefer the projector overall for versatility and image quality.

Choosing projectors is probably just as time consuming though.

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