Confusion on speaker brackets and PSB Image 1B

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  1. Daniel Simon

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    May 11, 2000
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    I just got my PSB speakers, and I'm going to use 1Bs for the rears, which will be wall mounted. PSB is kind enough to recommend a few different mounts, and even a template on where to drill the holes for the different brands. The types they recommend for the 1B are:
    - L & M Flushmount
    - Vogel Satellite 5
    - Omnimount Series 25
    Now, the Image 1B is supposed to weigh in at 12lbs. each. I was interested in the Omnimount, but to my surprise, the 25 series is only rated up to 8lbs. The next one up, the 50/53 series, is rated up to 15lbs. But on the sheet, PSB does NOT include the 50/53 series as being recommended for the 1B, just the 2B and 3LR. Some of the mounts it shows as being recommended for all 3 speakers, and other just 2 (given in a matrix-type diagram). I wasn't sure if maybe the 50/53 series' plate spread out too much and wouldn't have enough room on the speaker(?).
    I'm now considering the B-Techs, since they are side clamping, and I wouldn't have to worry it. I initially didn't care to spend $60 for them, but perhaps it's worth it when compared to the Omnimount 50/53 which look to be $50, AND you have to drill holes in your speakAer.
    Should I follow the bracket recommendation and NOT use the Omnimount 25 for my 1Bs? Has anyone any experience with this? Advice?
  2. Chris PC

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    May 12, 2001
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    I have PB Image 2B's for surrounds and will probably fashion a nice wall mount SHELF for the speakers to sit on.
  3. Vasanth B

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    Aug 18, 2001
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    I have the exact same speakers and am doing the same-side mount on walls for the rear surrounds. What I did was to go to Home Depot and buy 6" x 8 " L-brackets for shelves. They are white and made of pressed steel, made by Stanley, I believe. They were 89 cents each. I bought two for each speaker. Unless you are drilling into the studs of the wall, you also need wall anchors. Use the screw-lead type anchors or hammer-in plastic anchors. (drill holes first) These are more than enough to handle the weight of the PSBs. If you are careful enough, you can make the stand surface almost perfectly level across the two and then just place the 1B directly on top without screwing in. You don't have to damage the speaker and it's plenty sturdy as long as your speakers are up high enough to avoid getting side-swiped. It's not the prettiest solution, but certainly the cheapest and fairly unobtrusive.

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