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Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by tom_tagliente, Jul 17, 2006.

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    I just checked the rank for FALCON CREST per the website. Here is the breakdown.

    Unreleased Rank: 126th
    Overall Rank: 295th
    Season Set: 1250 (99%)
    Best of: 213 (17%)
    Individual Episodes: 202 (16%)
    Total Number of Voters: 1267

    What do they mean by unreleased and overall rank?

    Is the first number (126th) the number of series ahead of it that should be released first?

    Is the second number (295th) the rank over all of it's popularity? Or is this from the number of votes?

    Is 295th a bad number to be at for WB to release this series?

    Any info here would be appreciated.

    Has anyone ehre heard anything more than what I posted a few months ago about Susan Sullivan discussing FALCON CREST on DVD in 2007?

    Any admins who know anything can you please reply or post something here ASAP?


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    The ranks are based on the number of votes it received from people who would be willing to buy it. In this particular example, 125 unreleased shows have more votes than Falcon Crest, and 294 total shows have more votes than Falcon Crest.

    That's up to WB's discretion.

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