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    Hi, i'm new to the forum, was hoping you guys could help me out with a few questions...

    I'm recieving my Samsung 32" Dynaflat HDTV tomor, my HDTV cable box is being installed next week.


    1) I believe standard tv resolution is 460i, correct (or at least DTV is)?
    So if DVD (non-progressive scan) is 460i as well, what makes DVD picture better than regular DTV (460i)?

    2) My TV is capable of upconversion, 460i to 460p. Why would i need a progressive scan DVD player if my TV will make a regular 460i DVD player look like 460p?

    3) I noticed that FOX is broadcasting in 460p which is EDTV. So basically with upconversion every channel (aside from 1080i) will look as good as FOX's 460p as well as DVD's?

    I have been reading alot of threads on this forum as well as others so i'm not just asking questions without research.

    thank you for the help,
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    Probably not even close. Native digital 480p will likely be leaps and bounds ahead of an unconverted signal. Also, note that standard non-digital broadcasts on cable are lucky to get 250 lines, so doubling and scaling will help but you can't create resolution from thin air. Some really top quality scalers will do well, but none will create a perfect looking output from a minimal resolution source- and cheap scaling devices in TVs will do an even worse job.


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