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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Shawn_Z, Feb 26, 2004.

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    I have an x1 projector and a sony DAVFC7 receiver with built in DVD. I want to hook up an x-box ,a datellite receiver and a computer to my Infocus X1 pj, but cannot figure out how to best do this with the inputs/outputs availible.

    I am running 30 ft away from the receiver to the projector.

    I have not purchased the wires yet so anything is possible at this point. I am new to HT setup so speak in laymans terms please. [​IMG]

    I will include a pic of the rear of my receiver for more details.

    I just purchased the receiver for $340.00 wich I though was a good deal with the 6 speaker setup and PS DVD, but if it will not work I will return it.

    Thanks in advance for an help/tips you can give.

    I have also read that 75 ohm Coax can be used with RCA jacks attacked (though i dont know how to attach them) for long digital runs.....more info on that would be helpfull if in fact it can be used for my setup.

    Also my receiver has optical digital in.....which I have read is for audio, but cannot figure of what us this would be in my setup.

    Like I said I am a newb and the local store guys run around in confusing circles when I ask them how to make this work.


    well as it turns out a newb here cannot post a url... hmmm

    well on the rear of the receiver I have box one labeled video 1 with one RCA set in and one out. Video 2 box has one rca set in...then there is a component out and an optical digital in. then there is a box market monitor out and labeled DVD only with an s video and a yellow video jack. There is also a scan select switch to interlaced signal that is marked for the component out .... so does this mean that other than the integrated DVD ...the only signals in or out are RCA? if so how can i get the xbox hooked up with a better signal? If I go direct to the PJ from the xbox with s video or component adapters, then how do I get sound back to the receiver?

    Sorry for the long post... I hope someone reads this far to help.
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    I think, but don't hold me to it, that you could run one set of component cables from you receiver to the projecter. Plug everything into your receiver using the best available connection (component for xbox). Also run the sound for these into the receiver. I would think that the xbox would use either an optical or coaxial digital output. Check in your receiver's manual to see if running only one output will work for all sources.

    The optical input is used for digital audio sources such as those coming from a dvd player. Coaxial (usually orange) inputs can be used for this purpose as well.

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