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    The literature for my Denon AVR-3200 says:
    "When speaker systems A and B are use (sic) separately, speakers with an impedance of from (sic) 8 to 16 . . . ohms can be connected for use as front and center speakers."
    But the specifications give a rating for dynamic power at 8, 4 and 2 ohms.
    Without realizing it all this time, [​IMG] I have been driving my fronts which are "6-ohms Nominal, 4-ohms minimum."
    I'm confused... [​IMG]
    You don't need a centre channel.
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    AFAIK, the A and B speaker outputs are usually connected internally in parallel. So, if you're hooking up speakers to both outputs, the impedance seen by the amp is lower, which means you need to use higher impedance speakers. If I were you, I wouldn't try using 2 pairs of 4 ohm speakers, even though your amp is rated for 2 ohms.
    Edit: As long as you're using only one set of outputs, I think your amp can handle your current mains without any problems.
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