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Discussion in 'DVD' started by Gary Nash, Apr 21, 2004.

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    I rented the Region 2 version which included several deleted scenes amongst the extras.

    Having enjoyed the movie, I bought the Region 1 edition but was surprised to find that the deleted scenes were not as expected:-

    On the r1, only one scene is featured, showing several takes of The King 'interviewing' strippers. I don't recall seeing this on the r2 version.

    I've hunted around the disc but can't find any of the other scenes from the r2 dvd (two I remember are the post-coital scene with Jake/Lily where Ed Burns demonstrates the power of method acting by letting his hands do the talking!!. The other scene is in Lily's apartment with the Robert Forster's black 'associate').

    The only hidden feature I found was a bunch of trailers accessed via the Main Menu>Lion's Gate icon.
    The disc doesn't allow direct access to specific titles.

    When I dipped into the commentary tracks, Rachel Weisz mentions that the Jake/Lily scene 'will be on the DVD', also the writer discusses the deleted scene in detail. strangely, the director implies the bedroom scene 'as-is' is all that was shot!

    So, given all that, does anyone know whether the extra scenes are accessible on the R1 DVD?

    The version I have is probably the Canadian release - it has a white, rather than black, spine with code number 16126E - how does this compare to a pucker USA R1 edition ?

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts.
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    I have the R1, and it definitely contains the deleted scenes you describe. Not sure what the deal is with yours missing them. Canada got screwed over, by the sound of it. [​IMG]

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