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May 13, 1999
I'm moving and regretfully have to sell my home theater concession stand. I have a home size tabletop popcorn machine (never used) full of plastic pop corn for display, but its a working machine and spotless, also i have a Coca Cola 6 drink soda fountain with ice dispenser (like the ones you see 7-11 or a resturant) the soda machine comes with all hoses and 2 CO2 tanks and a compresser to keep the ice cold in the top and a set of Coca Cola glasses.
Also i have a candy case, fully loaded with $50 worth of candy wrappers ( i took out the candy and fulled the wrappers with cork, cut to shape and size to feel real) theres a menu to hang on a wall behind the stand and it has prices and bags of chips hanging from it.
I hoped to keep it as it really MAKES my home theater stand out from everyone elses, but the layout of my new house just won't allow me to keep it.

It was a blast making this concession stand, and i know whoever buys it will love it.
I'm asking $1200 or best offer and as i'm moving from Va. to Ca. there is a possiblity i could deliever it.


May 13, 1999
Hi Kevin
Thanks for your interest, i have had the concession stand for about 2 years now or so.
Here is a webpage of pics and info: Link Removed
I'm selling it "as is" and it maybe possible to deliever it before or when i move, it depends on where you are, i have a small trailer and could deliever it for free with in 100 miles of my home in Va. I would prefer whoever buys it, sees it first to be sure its exactly what the person wants, but if thats not possible i would send even more pics and give any more info i can.
The popcorn machine weights about 30 pounds, the soda machine weights about 250 to 300 pounds and the candy case weights about 30 pounds the stand is in 3 pieces and each piece weights from about 30 to 75 pounds.
I also have my marquee for sale too, for $50.
It would cost ALOT to have it shipped and i would need payment first before shipping, and shipping is not included. I was not planning on taking much with me when i move (our new house is already furnished) but i would consider using my trailer to deliever it as i drive across the country from Va. to Southern Ca.
Once i am done with my work here i'm am planning on driving to Ca. around the 21st. of this month and depending where you are, i would be very willing to work out how much and when i could bring it to you.
Yes this would require some trust on your part, and i'd be willing to give you plenty of info about me (ie. phone numbers, addresses, type of car and plate number) and send you a recite. I have lived at my Va. address since 1972.
Also i would need a details of how to get to your house and would need help to unload, the soda fountain alone takes atleast 2 people to left and move.
I have been a member of acouple of home theater groups and have traded, bought and sold things before, with no problems, i also do alot of volunteer work around the country.
I'm a national coordinator, east coast coordinator and on the board of directors for our local non-profit org. for a volunteer education and rescue animal group.
I can send you links and webpages and people to contact to verify.
If you would like to talk more, i have MSN Instant Messenger and i'm usually on my other nic at night, [email protected]
I'm on webtv and can't use any other IM.
Also i usually talk to people and help people in a pet chatroom at www.talkcity.com
room is purinapettalk (all one word)
Look forward to talking with you more.

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