Concealing speaker wire ??? Looking for options.

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Kevin*Harley, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. Kevin*Harley

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    Jan 15, 2003
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    My speaker wire is 16g x4 conductors with a white jacket. I currently run the wire down the backside of my front speakers (floor standing), tuck it under the base of the speaker and then run the wire flush across the carpet to the wall (approx. 2 feet). The off white carpet and white baseboards make the wire barely visible.
    We are putting wood flooring in with wood baseboards and the white speaker jacket is going to be extremely noticeable and definitely unacceptable (WAF).

    I’m looking for a way to conceal the front speaker wire. What are my options?

    1.Is there a way to paint the PVC jacket (without it peeling)?
    2.Does a brown (anything close to wood coloring) heat shrink tubing exist?
    3.Does a brown sleeving exist?

    I’m open to any suggestion that doesn’t include going through the wood floors.

    I’m going to run a conduit under the floor from the back to the front wall and want to put a 4-banana plug wall plate directly behind my TV for my surrounds.
    Is Parts express the best place to get the wall plates or can I get them at Home Depot too?
  2. Earl Simpson

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    Jan 12, 2002
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    Kevin! I fished my wires through the walls and put an electrical box with a wall plate for most of my speakers. The ones close to the rcvr are hidden by my entertainment center. If you can't hide them, then installing them in the walls/floors is an option/even for the fronts.
    Some of them , I was able to conceal behind the baseboard and pop out at the speaker.
  3. Ron Boster

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    Jan 10, 1999
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    Like Earl, I fished wires through the attic and used wall plates and binding posts. I've also used tape wire, which can bee found at It is pretty cool. I have about 70+ feet left (can only be purchased in a 100 foot spool). I may place a classified with other cables.

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