Conan The Destroyer SE coming to Germany, Japan, and France Region 2!

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    I found the offical site for the region 2 release of conan the destroyer for japan and germany. I also found the for the france version of conan the destroyer. I believe that all are region 2.. each dvds has different features. No news on the region 1 SE yet.
    If you need a place to translate the language.. this use this page:
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    DVD Reviews
    Conan of the destroyers
    VOe: 07.02.2002
    Orion Pictures (1984)
    Rental business
    MGM Home Entertainment (2002)
    Run time
    96:51 min. (FSK 16)
    Richard butcher
    Arnold Schwarzenegger, Olivia D'Abo, Grace Jones
    DVD type
    Television standard
    Display format
    2,35:1 (anamorph)
    Audio channels
    1. German, mono
    2. English, Dolby digital 5.1
    3. Spanish, mono
    4. French, mono
    5. Italian, mono
    German, English, Netherlands, French, Spanish, Italian
    Regional code
    Amaray Case
    approx. 20-25 €
    Conan (Arnold Schwarzenegger), the homeless krieger denies its living costs at present in co-operation with its Kompagnon Malak (Tracey walter) by the self-interested expropriation of other has and property its in this connection relevant abilities would like also queen Taramis (Sarah Douglas) to make itself and enlists the battle-tested recken with application of easily unfair magic methods to a special job. This reads to support the young princess Jehnna (Olivia D'Abo) on the search for a code in form of a jewel and to use this again for the production of a charm horn equipped with special forces. To the page still the krieger Bombaata (Wilt Chamberlain) is placed to his favorite both over the well-being being issued of the booty, and the princess are awake is. That the queen is not led thereby by any means by altruistischer welfare service, but in the opposite, are however neither Conan, nor the dear-attractive Jehnna forge even most finstre plans consciously. On the way to its first target object up, which gets lost both in the mission still as valuable supplement of the troop proves, it applies to begin forks it at the edge of way still the Zauberer Akiro (Mako) and the Kriegerin Zula (Grace Jones) nevertheless against various dangers, from powerful Magiern, sinistren mirror monsters and various cold-blooded kriegern up to a freshly again-aroused merciless divinity.
    If someone should quite unprepared in " Conan The Destroyer " (Conan of the destroyers) stolpern, becomes quite safe or other point to find, over which it is worth to mokieren itself. Dialogs, which - apart from passages with (the mythischen Fantasy category appropriate) weihevollem Ernst - over far distances the ungeschlachten telegram style of brunftiger Neandertaler indicate; Window blinds, those after Pappmaché look all too clear and an unhealthy predominance of the combat scenes compared with those with loosening up humor.
    However itself probably nobody should seriously a factory such as " Conan " with same expectation, as make to a society-critical costume drama. And so seen, the Schwarzenegger film can indicate or other quality. The Ausstattugn may be able to cover here and there their artificial origin not completely, but contrary to many smooth-licked, computer-produced buildings the scenes show up here from a sympathetic Fantasiereichtum. Perhaps the elegance of the genuine Martial type expert goes off the numerous Keilereien, but the rather archaische Herangehensweise corresponds also much rather to the background of the Conan Saga. And Splatter fans will be possibly disappointed, since the acts of violence themselves failed for FSK-16 of conditions still quite zahm, not really speak in view of many cheap factories, which buhlen by marktschreierische cruelties around their public, against " Conan ". That can itself besides on a solid telling way leaves, to which it is to be regarded that they were quite created by producers with a certain quality consciousness and due to the erzaehlerisch widespread collecting main also a certain fixed background show can. Thus Conan " stands out " against also not last in the meantime the representatives of the current Fantasyfilms pushed aside in the video and television drawer, which " the historical " roots of its Story only annoying accessories to (the name of the category diametrically running toward, since completely fantasielosen) the Showeffekten is. And also with humor Conan " draws " much too economically, but does not destroy a few marks nevertheless piercing out not to set as he tried on disk, mismatching modernized Spruecheklopferei and thus the illusion of a passed far world.
    The rework of the old raw material shows above average results. Scenes quite occur, in which even in the background the picture shows up in vergrieselter unrest and easy color uncertainties occur, but the very most time over presents itself the quality in expressed freshness and brilliance. Light reductions must be made however with the contrasts in somewhat light-poorer scenes. Certain uncertainties with the sharpness in certain sequences might be to due however not to the revision, but the somewhat unmotivated use of soft draughtsmen with the original trick.
    (German version)
    (English version)
    The German synchronisation gives it only in mono and indicates thereby an easy dull/mustyness. Since it is however always a loss not to hear Arnold Schwarzenegger with its to the brand name accent in the original, become, that does not harm anything, since a 5.1-Mischung was given to the English version. However the result corresponds if necessary to a moderate Dolby Surround format, more was however from still an origin material completely free of tonetechnical improving also hardly to be expected. The result is not even three-dimensional sound, reduced dynamics, unfolded far, even at the higher tonbereich and partial problems with the precision of the detection of edge noises. On the other hand other toneffekte, like the Fauchen of hurled throw weapons, succeeded quite properly the music, the combat noise and the dialogs, so that in relation to a pure accommodationaccommodation accommodation (whole to silence of mono) the result quite out-stings.
    Special feature
    Two of the additions, two audio comments, one of director Richard butcher, who is not other from the actors Olivia D'Abo and Tracey walter on the Cover of the DVD. both is characterised however not even by special Spritzigkeit, above all the comment of the director is from long sluggish tracing pulled through, which may find its reason under others in the fact that its remarks concentrate almost exclusively on the formative and technical part of the turning work. Nevertheless can be naturally inferred the two comments or other interesting recess to the film.
    Besides become still two smaller documentations, or better said with film windows garnierte detailed interviews offered, once for the composition of the film music by Basil Poledouris with a length by 17 minutes, on the other hand to the conversion of the Comic collecting main and notes to the production of the film actually (14 min.).
    Finally also still two photo galleries remain to the turning work and to frontispieces of the Conan Comics, as well as the Trailer.
    It is positively noticeable with the addition supply to " Conan " that without the inclusion laermigem of advertising material without substance one did, so that the supply can convince by means of the contentful contents.
    Review of Tobias Wrany
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    ...ahh... I see translating programs still have a veeery long way to go...
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