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Discussion in 'Computers' started by ThomasC, Sep 15, 2006.

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    My entire house just experienced a power dip or something and now my parent's computer will not start up. It will just beep every 5 seconds. Is something fried? Anyone know what the problem might be?

    EDIT: Never mind. I noticed that the "Num Lock" light was on even when the computer was turned off. I turned off the power supply for a minute which took care of the light and the computer started up like normal after that. Must've been a weird power overload or something.

    Does anyone know what might have happened?
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    First things first, unplug it and let it sit for a minute, plug it back in and try it out. Most PSU's have an internal trip that may just need to be reset.

    After that, try searching google with your motherboard's model number and the term "beep code" to try and find a lsting of what the beeps mean.

    If you have no luck there, remove everything that is not neccessary, including using only one stick of ram. unplug harddrives, cdroms, etc from the motherboard leaving only what is needed for video and a single stick of ram and try powering up.

    last idea is after that, with everything still unplugged reset the cmos, the manual for your motherbeard will say how to. But since I know that's not a common book to keep try looking for a three prongs with two of them jumpered labeled either "cmos" or "bios" and with the computer unplugged and the internal battery removed, move the jumper to close the middle prong and the once was uncovered prong and then after a few seconds move it back to the original position.

    Best of luck!

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