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    I got one big question! In my on going quest to keep coming up with things to do with the kids, here’s my latest brain drain. I’m hooking up a dedicated computer for our flat screen which has 7.1 surround sound. I got the DVI to HDMI covered but it’s the audio that getting me excited. Upon reading the manual for the mother board which has on board audio I find that there are multiple jacks for center/subwoofer, rear speaker, side speaker and of course the general green one. 1. Would I be able to tie this into the surround sound? 2. Does anyone know of a pre-bundled cable set up and if so, what do you call it? Thanks in advance for any direction you can give me. Bob
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    What kind of surround sound system do you have? (manufacturer and model). Knowing that would help with providing more specific answers. Here are some generic comments, though.

    Some surround sound systems have multi-channel analog inputs, that is, separate inputs for each speaker channel. Many of the less expensive ones do not, and have to be provided either with surround sound encoded into a stereo connection or with multichannel surround sound over a digital audio connection. You may have to buy a soundcard or USB audio box for your computer in order to get a digital audio connection.

    if you have a Windows computer, Microsoft has a description of how to configure the computer audio for use with a surround sound system. See

    A quick web search didn't locate any appropriate multichannel cables as a single assembly. Stereo cables which connect minijack to RCA connections are readily available, though -- you'd need 3 or 4 of them. A local electronics store should have them: Radio Shack or Best Buy, for example.
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    Here is some very general info -

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