Computer Stuff: mobo/CPU/memory combos + more

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by JohanK, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. JohanK

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    Jan 22, 2000
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    I have some computer combos that I'm looking to unload. I much prefer MOs as payment and will ship to continental US.
    Here they are:
    Asus P3B-F (BX chipset, coppermine support)
    P3 500/512 SL35E w/ passive Intel HS (Secc2 package)
    2x 64MB sticks of PC100 2-2-2 Siemens
    2x 64MB sticks of PC100 2-2-2 Toshiba
    $150 shipped (can throw in Thermaltake Secc2 Gorb for another $10)
    Tyan Thunder 100
    2x P2 400 SL357 (Secc2 package)
    384MB Micron PC100 3-2-2 (2 128MB; 2 64MB)
    $190 shipped
    Iwill BD100 ver 1.3 (BX chipset)
    P2 400 w/ Thermaltake Gorb (Secc package; casing says 450 but it is a 400)
    2x 64MB PC100 3-2-2 (1 is Hitachi, other Mitsubishi)
    $90 shipped
    Aopen AX6L
    P2 333 SL2S5 w/ Intel passive HS
    Apacer 128MB PC66 stick (Siemens chips)
    some 2x 64MB (I think) PC66 from Compaq pull (one has Micron chips, other has Siemens)
    $70 shipped
    I would like to sell the combos as a whole but will split them up if I have buyer for all the various pieces. Also, I have a PPGA Celly 500 on slocket if someone would rather have that as a processor. If you want to contact me and chat about the hardware, PM/reply here or email me @ [email protected]
    PS Also have:
    - 233MMX CPU for $10 shipped
    - PPro 200/256KB (2 of them actually) for $7.50 shipped each
    - Tyan Tacoma (S1672) PPro board w/ bios checksum error for $12 shipped (can come up w/ Simms if interested)
    - Gateway Socket8 mobo/PPro 180/2x 8MB Simms for $40 shipped
    Thanx for reading.
    PSS I'm looking for an 1100E so if you have one to trade (or sell) please LMK.
  2. Scott L

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    Feb 29, 2000
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    Nice setups but I'd only buy if you lowered the prices or sold seperately. $90 for a p2 450, a mobo a ram is kinda steep (already have the mobo and ram).

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