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  1. JohanK

    JohanK Second Unit

    Jan 22, 2000
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    I've just recently got back into computers due to building a HTPC. I've now built another three (not sure why except that it was fun...OK, I got carried away). This is a poll for the computer people here at the HTF (and for those who like to answer polls).

    1-How many computers do you own?

    2-Uses of each (i.e. surfing, gaming, HTPC, video editing, etc.)?

    3-What are your system(s) specs (if you're into this sort of thing)? E.g. P4 1.5GHz w/ Abit TH7 mobo, IBM HDD, etc.

    4-Are you planning to upgrade in the near future? If yes, what is on your wish/short list?
  2. AaronNWilson

    AaronNWilson Second Unit

    Jan 28, 2001
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    A: 800mhz p3 448 megs ram, 20 gig HD, sblive 5.1 19" viewsonic monitor (with a slick red paintjob done by yours truly) typically used for websurfing/gaming/music (plugged into Denon 3801, Klipsch RFs and Paradigm servo 15 for music.

    B: 800 mhz p3 640 megs ram, 90 gig HD, sblive audigy, 21" trinitron monitor, uses: websurfing/games/some video editing.

    C: 266 mhz p2, 128 megs ram, 6 gig hd, sb awe64, 17" dell monitor, uses: printer server/websurfing

    Planned upgrades: New system when iD releases Doom3, will probably (hopefully) be a 3 ghz AMD by that time and NOT an XP 3000+ (hate that nomenclature).

  3. Ike

    Ike Screenwriter

    Jan 14, 2000
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    1. I guess the answer would be two, but one is not currently hooked up.

    2. Surfing, gaming, and video editing. It was built for specifically for all three.

    3. 1.4 AMD, 256 Megs of Ram, 2 40 gig hard drives (one soley for video editing), 64 meg GeForce II Pro card, Windows ME, A DVD drive and a CDRW drive, and the second system is a 533 (I think) Pentium, 64 megs of ram, 10 gig hard drive...

    4. Yes, hopefully easily sliding into XP which will allow me to get more ram, hoping to go to 512. When the GeForce 3 goes down in price, I'll probably add one of those too.
  4. Mats Kellberg

    Mar 21, 2001
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    1. I currently use 3 computers, but I'm giving one away.

    The two remaining are as follows:

    Computer 1.

    1,7 GHz, 512 Mb RAM, 40 Gb Harddisk,

    Soundblaster Live 5.1, GeForce 2 64 Mb.

    Computer 2.

    600 MHz, 64 Mb Ram, 30 Gb Harddisk,

    Not sure of it's sound and graphics card.

    2. Computer 1 is the one I mainly use (gaming, netsurfing etc..), unfortunately I have some older programs that do not work well with Windows 2000, so computer 2 is used for these programs (Windows 95)- and as a sort of back-up unit for important documents and stuff.

    3. See 1.

    4. Maybe upgrading the lesser of the two.
  5. Nick Sievers

    Nick Sievers Producer

    Jul 1, 2000
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    I've got one computer mainly for netsurfing and gaming

    its a P4 1.7ghz, 256Mb RAM, 20Gb Harddisk, Geforce2 32mb.

    I would like to upgrade, maybe add some more RAM soon.
  6. Matthew Chmiel

    Matthew Chmiel Cinematographer

    Apr 26, 2000
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    I got one computer and I use it for websurfing, gaming, and school work (as of now). It's a Gateway Essental with 500 mhz, 256MB RAM, ATI 128 Pro Video Card, 10GB Harddrive, a 10x/40x DVD-ROM drive, a 8x/4x/32x CD Burner, and it's running on WinXP. I hope to upgrade when the GeForce 3 and a 40 - 100GB hard drives goes down in price.
  7. Kenneth

    Kenneth Supporting Actor

    Jul 31, 1997
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    I only have one currently which I use for gaming and surfing. It's config is:
    PIII 933
    512 MB RDRAM (just upgraded last week from 128MB)
    GeForce3 Ti200 (just upgraded from GeForce2 GTS 64MB last week)
    12x DVD drive
    CDR drive
    40 GB hard drive
    21" Monitor
    SB Live Value Soundcard
    Windows ME (stop laughing [​IMG] )
    Since I just did the video and RAM upgrade my next upgrade would be a second hard drive. Also, hopefully my cable company will be adding broadband capability to my neighborhood so I can upgrade to a cable modem. Once the first service pack comes out, I might think about upgrading to Windows XP. I also wouldn't mind upgrading my soundcard to a Turtle Beach.
  8. Matthew_S

    Matthew_S Second Unit

    Jan 11, 2001
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    A. 1

    B. Use for everything. Games, Internet, Graphics, Word Processing

    C. PowerMac G3 300mhz, 192mb Ram, Ati Graphics, 6gb Hard Drive, External 24x CD-RW, Zip 100, Scanner, Epson Stylus 740 Printer.

    D. Would love to upgrade to a G5 tower when those come out, First upgrade would probably be to an ibook or PowerBook though.
  9. Kevin P

    Kevin P Screenwriter

    Jan 18, 1999
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    Main PC (purchased 8/2000): Micron Millenia 3105, P3/800, 128 MB RAM, 30 GB HD, nVidia RAVA TNT2 video w/16 MB, 17" Sony monitor, DVD-ROM, CD-RW, Windows ME. Used for email, web surfing, paying bills, basically everything.

    Laptop (purchased 11/2001): Dell Inspiron 4100, P3/1GHZ, 256 MB RAM, 30 GB HD, 14.1" display (Super XGA), 16MB video, CD-RW, Windows 2000 Professional. Used for Pronto CCFs and software development, and eventually will get a wireless LAN card for it so I can surf the net around the house.

    Firewall/NAT router/mail server: Built from scratch in 1996 (an antique now), AMD 486DX4/120, 32 MB RAM, 2 GB SCSI hard drive, running Mandrake Linux 6.5. Used as internet gateway and firewall for my cable modem.

    Plus a few relics in the closet, mostly 486/33s, and a Tandy 102 (notebook from early-mid '80s) which runs on 4 AA batteries and still works great.

  10. Greg Rowe

    Greg Rowe Stunt Coordinator

    Nov 29, 2001
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    1. headless 486 66mhz running debian linux for use as my cable router

    2. AMD k6-2 350 based machine with 128MB ram and 14G HDD which is currently my main desktop. Runs debian Linux

    3. pentium classic 233MMX with 1G hard drive currently not being used for anything because it is too slow for my fiance to use as a desktop machine. Runs win98SE

    4. cyrix p120 based machine running debian linux. I use this as an mp3 server to m stereo in the living room. This machine is headless as well.

    5. celeron 850 mhz based machine with 256MB RAM and 20G hard drive soon to become my new desktop machine. Will run debian linux.

    6. pentium classic 75Mhz running debian linux. This machine is colocated and handles everything for my domain This machine is headless.

    7. pentium classic 133 which may become my new mp3 server since I had to pull the powersupply and hard drive from my mp3 server.

    8. Enough pieces and parts to make one or two machines.
  11. nolesrule

    nolesrule Producer

    Aug 6, 2001
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    Clearwater, FL
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    Joe Kauffman
    1. P3-500, 288 MB RAM, XP. My everyday PC and Homeseer Server

    2. P2-350, 96 MB RAM, 2K. My wife's everyday PC

    3. P233 MMX notebook, 64 MB RAM, Win98. For computer use on the road. Mostly for updating websites at remote locations.

    4. 3com Audrey (home automation, surfing)

    The first 2 were built myself. The notebook's an Acer, and is pretty good all things considered. I've had it for almost 3 years.

    And I have most of the parts I need to put together a P2-233 Linux box, which will be used as a webserver and for improving my Linux skills. I also plan to put together a standalone Homeseer server.
  12. Liam S

    Liam S Stunt Coordinator

    Aug 14, 2001
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    1 computer, used for almost everything (work, surfing, HTPC, games, music, and sometimes web hosting)

    FIC AD11

    1.2 T-bird

    256 DDR

    Geforce2 MX400

    Philips Accoustic Edge 5.1

    Klipsch 4.1 Promedias

    10/100 NIC

    16x DVD

    4x4x20x Burner

    30GB HDD

    17" Trinitron


    Getting a new 60GB HDD this week, and at some point I'd like a faster burner. Maybe more RAM, but DDR has more than doubled in price since I got mine.
  13. BruZZi

    BruZZi Second Unit

    Nov 1, 1999
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    I used to have three but now just one is enough.

    AMD 1.4Ghz T-Bird

    Abit KG7 - Raid

    512Mb Crucial PC2100 DDR Ram

    Antec SX-635 Case

    ATI Radeon

    SB Live

    Enermax 431W Power Supply

    Maxtor 40 GB

    HP CD-Writer 9100

  14. ToddMS

    ToddMS Stunt Coordinator

    Oct 14, 2000
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    1 computer

    I use it for everything- games/web/school work/movies/music

    P4 1.7 OC to 1.87

    ASUS P4T Mobo

    VisionTek GeForce3 OC to 230/520

    512MB 800MHz RDRAM (2 RIMMS)

    SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 X-Gamer

    M-Audio Audiophile 24/96

    2 IBM 75GXP 75 gig HDs

    1 Maxtor 16gig HD

    1 Internal Zip drive

    Ricoh 6x Burner :-(

    Pioneer 16x DVD-ROM

    Iwill SIDE Raid Controller Card

    Princeton Graphics Senergy 750 Flat Panel Monitor

    Logitech QuickCam

    Onkyo TX-DS575x Receiver

    Snell QBx 20s front speakers

    Snell QBx 15s rear speakers

    SVS 25-31CS with soon to be upgraded Samson s700 amp

    running dual boot with Win2000 and WinME. Built it myself over summer as my graduation present. I doubt I will upgrade anytime soon, as I have no upgrade desires, and I am one who likes getting the best and wearing it into the ground (my old computer was a P200) this should last at least 4-5 years.

    In response to dual boot- I use Win2k 99% of the time..but for some games, like Unreal, there are some known audio problems with the SBLive! and Win2k. Also, for some reason with the sharing of IRQs and dual sound cards under Win2k, digital output isn't great with DD or DTS under Win2k and the M-Audio- switching to WinME fixes this problem as well...
  15. Greg_R

    Greg_R Screenwriter

    Apr 9, 2000
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    Portland, OR
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    1-How many computers do you own?

    -- 1 laptop, 3 desktops

    2-Uses of each (i.e. surfing, gaming, HTPC, video editing, etc.)?

    -- laptop for surfing, DVD collection archiving, HT control

    -- Main PC for gaming & high CPU tasks

    -- Web, Mail, & file server

    -- 3rd desktop for web browsing (different room)

    3-What are your system(s) specs (if you're into this sort of thing)? E.g. P4 1.5GHz w/ Abit TH7 mobo, IBM HDD, etc.

    -- 1.7 Ghz P4, TH7-II MB, 2x18Gig USCSI HDD, GeForce3 (Win2k)

    -- 2 x 466Mhz Celeron server, 106 Gig of HDD space (Linux)

    -- 600Mhz Celeron, 2Gig HDD

    -- 733Mhz laptop, 12Gig HDD

    -- Entire house wired for 10/100 Ethernet (other devices are connected), 8 port DSL router links it all together (except web server)

    4-Are you planning to upgrade in the near future? If yes, what is on your wish/short list?

    -- No (not for at least a year)
  16. Howard Williams

    Howard Williams Supporting Actor

    Mar 7, 2001
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    1) Four PCs all networked


    I use mine for surfing, gaming, warezin, banking, and a some work related stuff (email, spreadsheets, memo, charts and graphs).

    My wife rarely touches her PC except to check her banking.

    My Son (15) uses his mostly for gaming. Educational stuff every once in awhile but no where near as much as he should. I cut off his internet connection after finding porno sites on his PC.....again.

    My daughter (9) uses her most for educational stuff (Typing, Encarta, etc.) beleive it or not although she prefers gaming, her PC isn't up to the task.


    My PCs system specs:

    Case: Pentium 4 IN-WIN Full tower

    Power supply: Enermax 465-VE

    CPU: Pentium 1.5 Gig (478 pin) Retail, generic heatsink and fan

    Motherboard: Abit TH7 II ( No RAID, thought about it, but decided against it)

    System Memory: 512MB = 256MB (X2) RAMBUS 800MHz ECC

    Hard Drives: IBM 40G DeskStar 7200 RPM ATA100 (IDE1 Master)

    Western Digital 30G 5400 RPM (IDE1 Slave)

    CDRW: Plextor 24X Firmware 1.02 (IDE2 Master)

    DVD: LiteOn 16X LTD-163 (IDE2 Slave)

    Floppy drive: Sony 1.44M 3.5"FDD

    Video card: Asus GeForce 3 V8200

    Sound card: SB Live! 5.1

    Network card: 3Com Etherlink 10/100 PCI Network Interface Card with 3XP Processor

    Modem: Zoom 56k v90 (The weakest link !!) No high speed connection available. ARGHHH !!!

    Mouse: Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer

    Keyboard: Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro

    Monitor: Sony 24" GDM-W900

    Game Controllers: Saitek U36 Flight control system

    Act Labs Force RS Steering Wheel

    Operating system: Windows XP Pro (Corporate version)

    Printer/Scanner/Copier: Epson 2500

    My wife PC is a PII 800 @133MH FSB

    Asus P3V4X

    256 PC 133

    GeForce 1

    21" Monitor

    40G IBM Deskstar

    Blah Blah Blah

    My son's PC is a PIII 450

    Abit BE6 rev 2

    256 MB memory

    17" Monitor

    20G IBM Deskstar

    Blah Blah Blah

    My daughters PC is a PII 200MHz

    128 MB RAM


    Blah Blah Blah

    4) I plan to upgrade to the new P4 Northwood CPU around Summer 2002. I'll pass down parts accordingly.

    Wishlist: I would give almost anything for DSL or cablemodem.
  17. Kevin Potts

    Kevin Potts Second Unit

    Feb 17, 2001
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    I'm currently using my girlfriends 3yr. old Gateway Pentium 233w/mmx at the moment.

    The one that I'm in the process of building:

    AMD 800mhz Duron

    256mg RAM

    40g HD

    CD burner (christmas present)

    DVDrom drive

    20" Sony Trinitron

    I'm not sure about the audio or video card yet. Any suggestions?

    I mainly use it for web surfing and Mp3's.
  18. Jay H

    Jay H Producer

    Mar 22, 1999
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    Pittsfield, MA
    Real Name:
    I just setup this computer recently:

    Enlight 7237 mid-tower case

    Enermax EG365VE-FC 350W power supply, NTX form factor

    EPoX 8kha+ KT266A motherboard

    AMC t'bird 1.0gig/266 CPU

    Crucial PC2100 256MB DDC Ram

    Abit Siluro GeForce2 MX200 32MB video card

    Adaptec 2940UW PCI SCSI card

    Seagate Barracude 4gig SCSI drive

    Plextor Ultraplex SCSI CD-ROM

    Nanao T2-17EX 17" monitor

    HP 9200i SCSI CD-RW

    Logitech First-Mouse wheelmouse

    HP USB 950CSi color deskjet printer

    Kodak USB compactFlash card reader

    I use it for games, photo processing, the internet, Filemaker 4.0, etc..

  19. Nick L

    Nick L Second Unit

    Nov 14, 2001
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    1GHz Tbird

    kt7-raid mobo

    2 30gig 7200 ata-100 hd's raid fast..

    geforce 3


    768 MB ram

    use it mostly for gaming but with good hd speed it works for everything.

    next up raid 0 with 2 scsi utlra 160 drives.
  20. John_Bonner

    John_Bonner Supporting Actor

    Oct 25, 2000
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    1.) 2 (1 currently in use, the other used for spare parts)

    2.) Surfing, video & photo editing, personal finance

    3.) Enlight 7237 mid-tower case w/300 watt power supply

    Epox 8K7A Motherboard

    256MB Crucial DDR Ram

    IBM Deskstar 60GB 7200rpm 60XGP

    ATI Radeon LE w/32MB DDR Ram

    AMD Athlon 1.2GHz/266 Thunderbird CPU

    ThermoEngine CPU Heatsink/Fan

    Sunon 80mm case fan


    Turtle Beach Santa Cruz soundcard

    SanDisk USB compactFlash card reader

    Hitachi 17" monitor

    Epson Photo Stylus 870 (great photo printer!)

    4.) Hope to add a DVD writable when they (and the blanks) come more down to earth (Sub $200)

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