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    Hey yall,

    Over the summer I got into the audio field of HT and am now satisified with my equipment in that area. Unfortunatly, my picture quality leaves much to be desired.

    I am currently playing my DVD's through my PS2 and displaying that on my computer monitor. The problem is that the picture is really really really dark, even with brightness cranked to its max on my monitor. I was wondering if there is a reason for this (like interpolation errors for the higher resolution) and what I could do to remidy this.

    I have started looking for a new display device and was looking for some advice. I think the most important issue for me at the moment is the brightness issue. It is really annoying to watch a DVD and see only about half of it (ex: LOTR:SEV). I was wondering if I should get a dedicated TV or is there a dual purpose monitor out there that works equally well as a computer and playback monitor.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Is the PS2 picture dark both for DVD's and games?
    I have no problems (excellent brightness uniformity) using my computer monitor with a PC and with video (via an iScan doubler).
    Check to see if there are brightness and contrast adjustments on your PS2. Adjusting brightness and contrast is almost always trial and error although professionals can still do it quickly.
    Also try a different cable. Cable impedance problems can result in a dark picture. Do not use a VGA Y connector so both the PS2 and a PC can be connected to the monitor at the same time, use a switch box. (I tried a Y connector myself and got a dark picture even with the second device turned off)
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