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Computer Games FS or Trade

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by marc seals, Jul 7, 2002.

  1. marc seals

    marc seals Agent

    Oct 10, 1998
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    All the games listed come with the instruction manuals, original box and "original" CD's. However several may not have the installation instructions if they were seperate from the instruction manual. Though that shouldn't be a problem for most computer gamers

    Alien VS. Predator 2 $17.00
    Deadly Dozen $7.50
    Global Operations $23.00 Brand new game just released.
    Gothic $10.00
    Medal of Honor Allied Assault $20.00
    Max Payne $20.00
    Operation Flashpoint $20.00
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein $20.00

    Okay here are some older games I am trying to clean out as well...........A lot of these DO NOT have the original box because I threw it out to save space. If it does have the original box (OB) it will say so, otherwise no box.
    Some games "may" not have the instruction manuals and are noted.

    Role playing game= (rpg)
    First person shooter = (fps)

    Ultima 9 Ascension (rpg)(OB) 7.00
    System Shock 2 (fps)(OB) 7.00
    Return To Krondor (rpg)(OB) 7.00
    EverQuest & The Ruins of Kunark expansion (mrpg) (OB) 7.00
    Dungeon Keeper Gold Edition (rts) (OB) 5.00
    Hitman Codename 47 (fps) (OB) 7.00
    Might and Magic 7 For Blood and Honor (rpg) (OB) 7.00
    Delta Force Land Warrior (fps) (OB) 5.00
    Heavy Metal Fakk2 (fps) (OB) 10.00
    Clice Barkers Undying (fps) 10.00
    Baldurs Gate (rpg) 10.00
    Diablo 2 (rpg/fps) 15.00
    Fallout Tactics (rpg) 12.00
    Fallout 2 (rpg) no manual free with Tactics
    No One Lives Forever (fps) 10.00
    Tribes 2 (online fps) 7.00
    Revenant (diablo clone) 7.00
    Unreal Tournament Game of the Year Edition (online fps) no manual 10.00
    Unreal (fps) free with UT above
    Thief 2 (fps) 10.00
    Thief (fps) free with Thief 2

    Prices are OBO and do not include shipping (around 3-5 dollars? from 99577 zip code). Money orders only please.

    Multiple game discounts!!!

    I am also willing to trade for DVD's or I would trade a number of them for a lightly used Adire Tempest subwoofer. Heck I might trade for just about anything...make me an offer!

    email me directly if possible,, thanks
  2. marc seals

    marc seals Agent

    Oct 10, 1998
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