Component vs HDMI input on Hitachi 70VS810

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Danny Burk, Jul 11, 2005.

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    I purchased a Hitachi 70VS810 HDTV recently, and I hope someone can help re: a picture quality issue.

    I use the TV almost exclusively to view DVDs, and in fact I've never yet seen an HD image on it; presently my main player is a Panasonic DMR-E80H which is attached by component cables (it has no HDMI port), and a second player, a cheapie Daewood region-free unit, also attached by component.

    I love the setup, and overall I get beautiful quality from the Panasonic in progressive scan mode, but I'm seeing faint vertical lines in areas of the picture that are light and have little detail (i.e. open sky). Most of the time this isn't visible, but it's distracting when it is. I'm talking about commercial DVDs, not home-recorded items whose quality isn't good enough to see the faint lines. After a visit from the service center, I was told that this issue is due to the fact that I'm playing DVDs via a component connection instead of HDMI.

    I've seen no reference to this anywhere online, and I'm far from a video expert. Are any of you familiar with this issue? I'd planned to simply live with it until an HD-DVD player becomes available, but since that solution may be awhile, I wonder whether one of the "HDTV-ready" DVD players might solve the problem. (Such as a Samsung HD-941?, perhaps?) Looking at the current models of Panasonic DVD recorders, even they are still without HDMI outputs.

    Thanks for any advice [​IMG]
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    Actually it's more likely the tv, from what I've read on it. Could be the cables your using, but the lines seem to be a freq problem with the tv.

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