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May 9, 2002
I want to hook my DVD player, gamecube, and ps2 all with component video cables but my TV only has 1 component input. Does anyone know of a switch-box or selector for component video? Even if it was only a 2 output switchbox then its still ok.

Evan S

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Nov 21, 2001
I don't know of a third party switchbox you can purchase, but sometimes people don't look for the obvious choice.

Do you have a receiver that can perform this function for you? My TV has only one set of component inputs as well, but I have everything routed through my surround sound processor which can re-route the signal for me.

If you don't have this capability and were thinking of an upgrade here is the perfect excuse!!!

Todd smith

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Apr 2, 2002
You will get different opinions on this subject. Many people use a passive composite type switcher that you can get from various places. The most popular one of these is a radio shack switcher with a 4 input one out and is relatively cheap ($15-20.00 I think). Do a search on this forum and you will find more info on this.

They go up in price from here with your next bet being a 30mhz jvc component switch box which also has 4 inputs one out and can be had for around 70.00.

The next in line, and the one that I am most interested in but cant find an exact bandwidth on is the Audio Authority 90a53 4in 1out component switcher and can be had for $200.00 which is about mid price for the current crop of switchers. I called AA the other day to find out what the bandwidth was on this swithcer and the guy there told me they have never actually clocked the exact speed, but from what he was telling me it was probably between 200-300 mhz which if this is true is plenty and you should not loose ANY picture quality. The guy seemed to know what he was talking about and was very genuine so I have a tendency to beleive him. I still would probably not go for it though unless I could get some first hand accounts of it in use and hopefully a more concrete answer to the bandwidth issue.

From here they go up in price, but you are getting very nice profesional quality switchers. The most common out of these from what I have read is the Extron sw4 and sw6. I forget the exact price on these, but they are considerably more. However these can be had for a much cheeper price on ebay quite often if you keep checking in. Key Digital, Entech, Inline and a few others also make these switchers.

Sorry I can not give you more info than that, but do a search for component switchers and you will find lots of info.

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