Component/VGA Cable consternation

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    I'm hoping someone can help guide me towards a good choice for video cables. I'm not necessarily talking about a specific brand...but a more fundamental question of cable type.

    I need to run about 35' of cable from my HD receiver and DVD player to my X1 projector. The HD and DVD have component out, and the X1 has component-via-HD15 VGA input. Thus somewhere I need to switch connectors from component to VGA or SVGA. Would it be preferable to run the majority of the 35' with component cable, then convert to HD15 right at the projector? Or should I convert to HD15 right near the source and run a long VGA/SVGA cable? If either one will work fine at these lengths, then I guess it doesn't matter. But I just don't know whether it's OK to run HD signals through either type of wire for ~ 35'. Also, is one type of cable preferred over the other for running through walls and ceilings? Or will either come optionally in CL2/3 ratings?

    At the moment I'm daisy-chaining 4 2m component cables of various qualities, and the picture looks fine. But the picture appears to be a bit grainer than it was when I was using 2 2m cables while setting up the projector initially.

    Thanks for your advice.
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    How's about you give AVCable a call and bounce your question off of them?

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