Component Switching worth it? And more beginner questions.

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    Hi everyone. I am looking to buy an entry level home theater system for music and movies. Currently I have a JVC XV-S300 DVD Player going into a Sharp 27" TV with only one composite input. I also have a Gamecube going into a generic VCR and then into the coaxial input on the TV.

    For audio, I am looking at either the Yamaha 5540 or 5550 and a pair of Klipsch SB-1 bookshelfs. I love the sound of the Klipsch SB-1's, and plan on using those as my only speakers for 3-6 months before getting a center and a sub. That brings me to my first question... is it possible to use just one pair of speakers for awhile? I know most dialogue comes out of the center channel, but can I set it to come out of the pair of SB-1's until I get the money for my center channel?

    Now my main question is: How important is component video switching? As I said, right now I only have one set of composite inputs and won't be upgrading my TV for atleast a year. By the time I upgrade I will most likely be getting a TV with 1-2 component inputs. So do I even NEED video switching? With the new TV I will probably have DVD straight to TV with component, and Gamecube straight to TV with S-Video. And of course the trusty old VCR straight to coaxial. I won't have any new video inputs (digital cable and dish are atleast 3 years away for me, and they probably use component?).

    So, should I save the $100 on the receiver and go for the 5540 instead of the 5550 (with component switching). Are they pretty much the same other than that feature?

    Thanks for reading all that and any thoughts/opinions anyone has,

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    If you won't have two items that have component video output, then you don't need it. If you get a TV with enough component video inputs, again, you don't need the receiver to do the switching. You would basically be adding extra cables for no good reason. If those other upgrades are 3 years away, then once again, I can't see a real need for having switching capability, so get it later when you need it.

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