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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by SteveSott, Jan 11, 2004.

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    I have a HT system I'm about to set up. I have a question about setting up the CATV to the VCR and receiver and the DVD.
    Frist the VCR. My CATV has a rca type Video L/R out, an AC-3 digital (5.1) out and an S-Video out. If I run the S-Video with the L/R though the VCR to the receiver I only have the composite Video and the AC-3 left to run to the receiver. Only channels 100+ have 5.1 so the CATV manual suggests to use the AC-3 in conjunction with the composite L/R. Can I use a splitter and run the S-Video L/R to both the receiver and the VCR? How do I assign the AC-3 (digital audio) to play when it's available? The receiver has in-puts that are assignable.
    I have a progressive scan DVD player. I was going to run the optical digital sound to the receiver and the component video connection directly to the TV. If I do that I will have to scroll through my television's modes to the input that is assigned to the component in. The other option would be to use the S-video connection to the receiver with the optical audio and just scroll through the receivers modes. I don't even know that my TV is compatable with progressive scan format. I can't find anything in my TV's manual.
    I know using the S-Video connection eliminates the progressive scan option. What is the down side?
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    Hey Steve. I'm definitely no expert on this sort of thing, but from what I gather, if your TV is not Progressive Scan ready, there's no way you can get progressive scan out of it, even if you have a Progressive Scan DVD Player. The PS DVD Player just means that it is ready for PS when you have a TV that has it. That being said, S-Video does eliminate PS, because Component Video Cables I think are the bare minimum one must have for Progressive Scan. However, whether your TV is PS ready or not, Component Video is definitely the way to go with the hookups. My TV isn't a PS TV, and Component Video drastically enhances the picture. Its as sharp and vivid as ever! [​IMG]

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