Component placement / cable lengths?

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    I'm building my first HT and have ordered a Dish 6000 tuner, Sanyo XP21N projector, Denon 4802 receiver, and I have Sonance speakers which were already built into the house I just bought. (Any comments on the gear and recommendations for a DVD player?)

    My problem is figuring out how to place the components and wire them. The Dish tuner could just stay up in the attic a short distance from the dish since it's RF controlled. About 25' away will be the ceiling mounted projector. I COULD run more coax and move the tuner next to the projector which would shorten the VGA or composite cabling. The BIG problem is that I see placing the receiver in the living room and that would be at least 15-20' away from the tuner. What's the best way to arrange these components and what cabling considerations should I have?
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    First, Welcome to the Forum!

    First, I would keep the Dish tuner out of the attic. I expect it will not fare well long-haul up there against the summer heat.

    Beyond that, I’m a little confused. Are you saying that if you put the tuner near the projector you will have to run audio cables 15-20 ft. to the (Denon?) receiver? If so, that is not a problem, provided you can find some long enough.

    Happy Holidays,

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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